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  • Alan at the Stand to Reason Place blog provides a helpful flow chart which groups defenses for abortion into 3 categories and lists how to respond to them using STR techniques.
  • An AL man has been found guilty of killing his girlfriend and her unborn child:Timothy Stallworth of Montgomery was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide Wednesday in the 2007 stabbing death of his pregnant girlfriend, Kimberly Lewis.

    Stallworth, 31, had been charged with one count of capital murder in the death of two people – Lewis, 34, and her 4-month-old fetus.

    The case was prosecuted using a 2006 state law that allows a murder charge to be filed in the death of an unborn child.

  • A dead human fetus was found by a custodian in a dormitory trash can at the U of Bridgeport in CT:Leslie Geary, a university spokesman, described the incident as “an apparent miscarriage” and that the student involved has been taken to a hospital.

    She said she did not have the identity of the student and did not know how far along the student was in her pregnancy.

  • British doctors have repaired the leg of a woman facing amputation using her own stem cells:[Diane] Stuttard was hit by a car while walking home after a night out in 2001. Her left tibia and fibula ó her lower leg bones ó were badly broken.

    Scans revealed that more than 2-inches of her bone had become infected and died, preventing the fracture from healing.

    In a pioneering operation at the Spire Alexandra Hospital in Kent, England, surgeons first removed the dead tissue, then clamped Stuttard’s shinbone back together.

    They then took a sample of bone marrow from her pelvis and purified stem cells.

    These were mixed with Surgifill, a unique gel that traps the cells against the fracture. Within days they start to form healthy new bone, healing the break…..

    It will be 18 months before surgeons can be sure that Stuttard’s bones have properly healed.

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