On any given day pro-lifers pray and picket in front of tens to hundreds of the 750 free-standing abortion clinics remaining in the US.

We don’t necessarily make the news any more because we’re fixtures, commonplace.

But, hey, spot even one pro-abort protester and call out the press. From the Sun Chronicle, September 8:

Abortion foes have picketed Four Women Clinic [in Attleboro, MA]… for years, but a pro-choice supporter aims to provide the opposite view.

City resident Marion Brousseau, who ardently supports a woman’s right to have an abortion, started her advocacy Tuesday with a 3-hour stint at mid-day, standing alone and holding her pro-choice sign.

No anti-abortion demonstrators were present, although they usually are on Tuesdays.

The 61-year-old retiree said it’s time for pro-choicers to make a stand or they could lose what they have gained.

“We’ve been too complacent and laid back,” she said. “I don’t want us ever to lose this right. We’ve been taking it for granted.”…

Abortion foes have demonstrated peacefully on public property, although they have at times run afoul of some city ordinances or upset neighbors who objected to graphic pictures of aborted fetuses.

Brousseau said she plans to show up when abortion foes show up, typically on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

While she was alone Tuesday, she’s hoping a friend will join her Thursday, and that more will eventually come from a church to which she belongs.

“I’m hoping to get a group to go out there in the next few weeks,” said Brousseau, who described herself as a “Christian.”

“I think some people think people who are pro-choice are atheists,” she said. Brousseau said passers-by gave her support.

“It didn’t get any negative comments, she said.

Love Brousseau’s signage choice of words, “Long Live Women’s Freedom of Choice Abortion.” She must not know her message is ridiculously contradictory and impossible. Since over half of abortees are female, attrition alone dictates abortion can’t “live long.”

And “live,” Marion? Do you not realize the irony in hoping a procedure that kills will “live”?

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