Meet adopted embryos Grace and Luke

My friend Patte Smith, a sidewalk counselor in FL, posted these amazing pictures on Facebook yesterday.

The first is of Luke and Grace on Day 3 after they had been created in a petri dish. At this stage of their lives they were 8 cell embryos. Click to enlarge…

The 2nd photo is of Luke and Grace today, now 3 years old. Click to enlarge…

Grace and Luke’s adoptive mother gave Patte permission to post the photos. Following  is their story.

Grace and Luke were frozen when they were 8 cell embryos. They were among several who were “created” in 2003 by a CA couple receiving fertility help to conceive a baby.

After the couple had gestated and given birth to their other embryos, Grace and Luke remained frozen until Alex and Lori, committed Christians, adopted them. Patte wrote, “They received their son and daughter as gifts from God. These children are delightful answers to their prayers.”

Grace and Luke were implanted in Lori’s uterus on August 1, 2006, and born 9 months later.

Pro-lifers argue against the destruction of embryos for scientific experimentation simply because they are unique, innocent human beings no matter what their stage of development.

But it becomes that much more painful to consider how precious preborn children like Grace and Luke are discarded or dissected when seeing these photos.

12 thoughts on “Meet adopted embryos Grace and Luke”

  1. Good thing we all get our start as those tiny clump of cells – fully human and developing and growing into the fullness of what we were meant to be!
    This is why we need protections for all human life – from it’s delicate, tiny beginnings to it’s natural end….
    beautiful, just beautiful.

  2. We are all giant, strategically arranged clumps of cells. The number of cells we are composed of, or the way they are put together, doesn’t matter.

  3. What some people refer to as a “blob” is actually a human-being being knit together by the LORD’s own design.  Even though these 8 cell embryos look pretty much the same, they turned into beautiful, INDIVIDUAL, children.  Thank you for the pictures and story and the ability to comment.  Once on “The View” the question was asked, “which twin is oldest?”  The answer given after the commercial break was, “they are the same age because they were conceived at the same time”!  I don’t think the producers and hostesses of “The View” realized what they were actually saying.

  4. What some people refer to as a “blob” is actually a human-being being knit together by the LORD’s own design.

    Exactly! (Goes back to Pslam 139).

    Glad the mother chose to help those pre-born babies (embroyos). That is very loving of her and they grew into the cute kids today.

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