It’s a tragic day for Planned Parenthood Golden Gate.

Not only did Mama Planned Parenthood finally follow through with her threat to abort the bothersome affiliate, but the IRS came calling. Reported the New York Times:

The criminal division of the IRS is looking into the finances of PPGG, while the organization has brought in forensic accountants to evaluate its books.

The local nonprofit became Golden Gate Community Health on Friday, as the national PP organization stripped the Bay Area clinics of their affiliation, citing financial and administrative problems….

It will continue to operate its 7 clinics in five Bay Area counties. Neighboring PP affiliates are scrambling to open new clinics in the same counties.

Agents for the criminal division of the I.R.S. interviewed a former employee of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate on Tuesday at the Oakland field office, in response to a complaint he had lodged.

That informant, who declined to be named for fear of how it might affect his future job prospects, said he raised concerns about the financial relationship between the organization and its political arm, as well as about accounting practices….

The nonprofit will no longer run its one satellite health center, which had been offering limited services 2 days a week at Good Samaritan Family Resource Center in San Francisco….

Next Wednesday, PP Shasta-Diablo… will begin operating a satellite health center at that location 2 days a week….

PP Mar Monte hopes to open 2 full-service clinics within the next year in its 2 new counties, San Mateo and Alameda….

[HT: Family Research Council, which also asked in an email update: “Meanwhile… PP Federation of America still has not published the annual report from July, 2008-July, 2009. The report, which includes information such as the number of abortions that were performed during that time and the dollar amount received in government funding, is typically made public every April. Interestingly, this report will be the first summary of how the group has fared during the Obama Administration. What might they be hiding?”]

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