I found this strange little ode to a birth control pill on ProChoiceThankYous.com.

Aside from the fact the author, Sobdee X, is apparently ignorant of the fact Lutera can abort, she has a real hard time when getting to the reason she loves her birth control pill – because it avoids her an apparent repeat abortion (“another appointment”).

Not that what the abortion does bothers her, she wants us to know, it’s just the procedure itself that scares her, “the consequences her poor body would face.”

Although I thought there were no consequences to abortion. And why then the “heavy heart” from her “empty uterus”? And what in the world does “phantom blood on the walls” mean? Her phantom dead baby? coming back to haunt her?

We need a Part II!

Love/Thank you Letter to Lutera®

Lutera®, Lutera®,
I love you so much.
Each delicious pill on my tongue’s
like a angel’s touch.

You protect my eggs
from invading sperm
and your delightful side effects
make my breasts sore and firm.

Lutera®, Lutera®,
what would I do
if i skipped a day, a pill, or two?

I know exactly the terrible fate,
the consequences my poor body would

Another appointment.
Those long gray halls.
That terrible waiting room,
phantom blood on the walls.

Legs splayed open.
Vacuumed out.
Though tears may fall,
it’s from fear, not doubt.

An empty uterus.
A heavy heart.
Updated medical chart.

But psh!
No way!
Uh uh!
Not me!
I’ve got my Lutera®
and she’s got me.

So every night
at 10:02,
I pull out my pack
and I swallow. Not chew.

That’s all i got now!
I pill and I pray
that you, my Lutera
is as effective as they say..

-Sobdee X

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