Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Coming Home presents the scientific literature on the abortion/breast cancer (ABC) link.
  • Ethika Politika discusses “why pro-life is pro-science” to counter the charge that being pro-life is nothing more than a religious belief.
  • Life Training Institute shows a 4 minute primer to refute any pro-abortion argument – a must-watch for pro-lifers:

  • Judie Brown of American Life League notes concerns over organ transplantation due to the changing definition of when “death” occurs, and informs readers of the lessening need for organ donation thanks to adult stem cell therapy.
  • Big Blue Wave comments on the case of the Canadian woman who aborted her 33-week-old child with Down Syndrome under the “care” of troubled abortionist Stephen Brigham. The MSM is focusing on the “mistreatment” of the mother and disregarding the fact that the child could have been placed for adoption in a matter of weeks.
  • Lisa Graas responds to a fellow Catholic’s critique of the use of graphic abortion signs and their impact on children.
  • ProWomanProLife mentions the new website for Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (which is now added to our Top Sites) and showcases a video of CCBR’s own McKenzie Hahn who her shares her poignant abortion story:

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