Aborted babies, patient records found in MI abortion mill dumpster; laws to stop introduced

aborted babies, pictures of abortion victims

The story of finding aborted babies and private medical records in the dumpsters of Michigan abortion mills would seem to be growing old.

But this time legislative action will come of it.

On February 27 pro-lifer Chris Veneklase found the aborted remains of 17 babies in medical ziplock bags, with the names of their mothers labeled on the outside, in a dumpster at the Womans Choice abortion mill in Lansing. (See photo above, names redacted.)

Veneklase contacted Dr. Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, and together they searched the dumpster several more times to retrieve more biohazardous waste and patient records, some from the “sister” mill in Saginaw.

In early April Veneklase and Miller contacted authorities and put together a meeting with state and local law enforcement as well as State Rep. Rick Jones, in whose district the mill is located, and the MI Right to Life legislative liaison.

An investigation was launched involving the Attorney General, Solicitor General, Eaton Co. prosecutor, and Eaton Co. Sheriff’s office, whose detectives conducted more searches of trash and retrieved more evidence.

Here’s what they found. Watch quick. YouTube will surely soon yank this, although there will be a back-up video posted on Vimeo:

Bottom line? No charges can be made, for 2 insane reasons according to Miller, with whom I spoke yesterday:

1. Violation of patient confidentiality: The Women’s Choice abortion mills were not properly incorporated under MI state law. There is no licensed physician named on the incorporation papers. They are owned by Florida resident Richard Remund. Even though the names of the clinics’ abortionists Lewis Twigg and Ronald Nichols were found in the trash, they cannot be charged – There is no physician legally responsible for patient records. (However, the mills’ improper incorporation is being investigated.)

2. Throwing aborted babies in the trash:  Under current MI law abortion mills can place aborted babies and biohazardous waste in the trash as long as they’re dipped in formaldehyde beforehand, which these babies were.

So this morning legislators Joe Haveman, Jones, and Bob Jenetsky are announcing at a press conference they are introducing 3 bills that in part would require abortion mills to humanely cremate or bury the bodies of babies they abort. Failure to do so will result in a felony conviction. Under the new law the mills will not even be allowed to dispose of aborted babies as biohazardous waste.

Here’s video of a TV8 story on this debacle during last night’s news

I love how news organizations are above showing aborted babies on the screen but not carnage of any other sort. However, pro-lifers at the news conference are releasing poster sized photos of the babies. CPL has also posted print quality photos on its home page. Click photo above and below to enlarge…

aborted babies

49 thoughts on “Aborted babies, patient records found in MI abortion mill dumpster; laws to stop introduced”

  1. Now why would they keep the babies in bags with the mother’s name on them? Even I am shocked! I thought they put them in to a garbage type disposal. Why record the mother’s name?? I am aware that they are very sloppy about patient records and confidentiality but the remains?? Dispose of them in a human manner…after you have torn them apart?? Maybe Abby Johnson can help us understand.

  2. That’s some branding I bet Ziploc isn’t excited about…..
    Aside from that — I can’t believe they aren’t even citing the tremendous HIPAA violations here, not to mention Michigan state law.  You don’t have to be a physician to violate HIPAA, and those fines run into the thousands of dollars.
    For as little as these deathmills are regulated, I wonder if they are actually treating those items with formalin solution as required.  I’d love to see authorities test the material to see if formalin was applied.
    Kyrie, eleison!  Great work, pro-lifers.  Nice also to see fair and truly objective coverage by a news media outlet!

  3. Horrible… absolutely horrible.  Can’t get over the irony of the statesman that said “In a civilized society, we don’t treat deceased humans beings like trash….”  um… a civilized society… sheesh… I’d hope a civilized society wouldn’t see a baby as a burden and treat the baby as trash.

  4. As I watched the video, I was struck by these folks picking through the trash wearing good clothing with their wrists and lower arms exposed. People doing such dumpster diving should wear much better protection, including good surgical gloves that cover the wrists and come up over the sleeve.
    There is no way to know what diseases the pregnant women have and what pathogens, such as hepatitis, may reside in the waste bags being sorted through.

    It should all be regarded as highly infectious material and should be handled as such.

  5. NEWS8 caved to political correctness by not showing pictures of the baby parts found. Shame on them.  Their viewers deserve to see the whole truth.  NEWS8 would do well to follow up with a series of news stories on how we can all help pregnant women who find themselves in tough situations where they are considering abortion. Woman deserve better than abortion.

  6. The pictures were too graphic to show?  Give me a break!  Moviegoers on Halloween weekend will see truly graphic blood and gore that’s all for the sake of shock and grossness.  Yet to see a tiny hand and arm, feet and legs of an actual human child is beyond what viewers can handle?

    What a pathetic and lame cover-up.  Spare me the “we can’t verify the authenticity of the photos…”  Just more pathetic, lame, see-no-evil, I-can’t-hear-you denial.
    We are a barbaric society.  Our selfishness runs on blood the way our cars run on gas.
    Jesus, have mercy.

  7. This post made me weep and want to vomit.  I mean, I know what abortion is.  I’ve seen the pictures. I’ve read all I can get my hands on.  I’ve seen the abortion (even PBA) demo videos. I’ve seen “the Silent Scream” and “Blood Money.”
    I JUST DON’T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!  HOW can anyone defend this as something remotely “right”!?!
    I am so saddened by this today as I play with my beautiful children and thank God.  My life is far from perfect.  Times are very tough.  But, I cannot imagine ever being in a place in my life that would justify this.
    I’m horrified.  Again.

  8. ” HOW can anyone defend this as something remotely “right”!?! ”

    Very good question.  Any takers from our pro-abort trolls??  Anybody? Anybody?

  9. If abortion vulnerable women were shown EXACTLY what we have seen on these videos they just might not abort. BETTER YET….show them the ultrasound so they can choose LIFE!

  10. It never ceases to amaze me that so many pro-aborts think of the unborn BABIES as garbage.  17 precious lives snuffed out and tossed in the trash like last night’s pizza crusts…with mommy’s name on the bag.  So much for these clinics “concern” for women:  Leaving their names on the bags of the children they had killed.
    How much lower can we sink ?

  11. The video of them going through the trash brought back vivid memories of a similar incident with Planned Parenthood in Billings, Montana in the early 80s.  Thinking about it after all this time still haunts me.

  12. Carla,
    Great idea! I wonder how much one of the latest ultra-sound machines costs? Several thousands of dollars, I’m sure. That would be a nice Christmas donation to a needy Women’s Crisis Pregnancy Center.

  13. The ultrasounds made me cry. Seeing the broken bodies and then seeing the last photos taken of these children when they were warm and alive just broke my heart.
    On a side note I really really wish those pro-lifers would roll their sleeves up and wear higher gloves. Their sleeves were dragging through the crusty blood and filth. you don’t know what kind of diseases might be present in that medical waste!

  14. Maybe they should find a better way to spend a Saturday instead of just wearing long sleeves and gloves…
    I would be just as grossed out if this was any other type of medical waste.
    That being said this is pretty disgusting and laws should be put in place to close these loopholes. Although no laws were broken here there should have been. Disposing of medical waste is something that should be taken seriously as well as patient confidentiality.
    Throwing any kind of patient information in the trash is a huge NO NO because you never know what kind of sick human being will spend his Saturday digging through a women’s clinic dumpster looking for things to put on the internet…

  15. The babies need to be interred in a crypt of some sort so that family members can have a chance later to claim the remains and hold their own services and inter these children with their families.

  16. Another clear example of why abortions should be part of the mainstream medical/hospital system, not outsourced to clinics. Indicative of what happens when a nation doesn’t have a universal medical care system.

  17. Hmm . . . if those bags were full of dead puppies or kittens the story would be in the national news.

  18. cran,

    Jump on over to the Tiller thread as Wedge is proposing the exact same thing!


    Shut down all abortion mills and move abortion into hospitals where doctors will refuse to do them.

    Happy happy joy joy.

  19. Some will of course, but not all. In countries where abortion is undertaken in hospitals there are no problems with maintaining adequate staffing.

  20. When i saw those babies.. torn. so tiny and murdered before they even had a chance at life.. by their own “mothers” non the less! it completely breaks my heart. what hurts just as much is that there are other options if you don’t want to be a parent, let someone else be one! a deserving couple.
    i can’t even say/type anymore right now. it’s just to much :(

  21. “Wedge is Biggz. Biggz is Wedge”

    I’m not positive Carla. Wedge uses complete sentences and punctuation.

  22. Deliberate yes =)~   for some strange reason I haven’t been able to post here for a week and still can’t under Biggz, So wedge it is lol. I think some people just don’t like debate but rather echo chambers so they can hear themselves agreeing with themselves…

  23. Who is that? Look I didn’t change my name to be devious, I think I was banned. I could be wrong but it would not let me post under my name so I changed it to wedge knowing full well most of you would get the reference.

  24. aw Bobby you rock!
    well amazingly I see that these babies aren’t blobs as proaborts have been telling us for years….
    and then I guess Jill’s tags for this post really say it all “Abortionist quacks & pervs”.
    well done Jill!

  25. If the result of posting this video is that only laws are passed to ensure that the death of embryos and fetuses will never well be documented then a tragic mistake has been made in how these videos were presented.
    We don’t want to encourage politicians to allow the destruction of human life to continue only as long as it is covered up.  We want the dead fetus to get respect and not just be incinerated.
    What will incineration laws accomplish?   Don’t they just perpetuate the problem?

  26. As a long-time Star Wars fan (and by that I mean geek!), I immediately understood your moniker, Biggz/Wedge and it gave me a chuckle, thanks :) But I believe that the rules are that you’re not supposed to post under a different moniker once you’ve been banned, if that is the issue. It would of probably been wise to address it with the mods first by e-mail before trying to post again. But anyways, if anyone is interested in talking Star Wars trivia, about the movies, etc just let me know ;)

    “Biggs, Wedge, let’s close it up. We’re going in. We’re going in full throttle.” Luke Skywalker to his co-pilots during the Battle of Yavin, Episode IV: A New Hope

  27. That picture is SO disturbing.  Has any MSM outlets posted that?   Did the Detroit News use the picture?  Shame on them if the didn’t.

  28. @ David: I think the point may be that, if we make laws that close up the loopholes, next time there will actually be disciplinary action. Enough fines and maybe the clinic goes out of business, saving who knows how many lives.

  29. I just came across this story today.  How in the world is this murderous butchery allowed???!!! God help us.  Thank God and the brave individuals for exposing this vicious evil.

  30. Christina, I just read your post about the babies being interred in a crypt or something for the families.  Sadly, so many of them are probably in denial and can’t talk about it.  Also, the pro/abort mindset is that these fetuses are not really persons.  Interring them would actually humanize them – God forbid!  Burying the dead is a corporal work of mercy and look where these babes were buried – in a trash dumpster.  This is all so sick and evil.

  31. Sorry, I just noticed after visiting Dr. Monica Miller’s website that those 17 pre-born babies were given a proper burial.

  32. None of those pics has any effect on me whatsoever, so the “shock” factor is pretty much lost on me if that was its intent…


  33. If those were actual puppies and kittens that had ever drawn breath, I’d be upset. Seeing as how these are non-sentient, non-viable embryos, I don’t have issues with it. As far as “pro-life trolls” not being able to “defend” this, i.e. this question:

     “ HOW can anyone defend this as something remotely “right”!?! ”
    Very good question.  Any takers from our pro-abort trolls??  Anybody? Anybody?

    —there’s nothing that needs to be defended here. Women had a routine medical procedure, they bagged the biohazard material–end of story. So? Then again, this IS a forced birth site, so suppose that’s the reason for the hysterical tone of everything on here. Whatever. 


  34. I’ve never heard the term “forced birth” being used in a non-hysterical tone.

    Just sayin’.


  35. To be perfectly honest…I used to work at one of these clinics, and the bagged up fetuses we would send into a lab. Any fetuses over 10 weeks we could dispose of…and our choice was the garbage disposal in the sink…not the dumpster.  =)


  36. I feel sorry for the plumbers. I’ve heard of quite a few quitting in the middle of jobs at abortion mills after finding dead baby parts gunking up the garbage disposals. What a bunch of ghouls.
    Also, we don’t “force” birth. Birth happens eventually on its own. I’m not personally a big fan of induced labor, myself. However, abortion does force a mother to birth a dead child.


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