aborted babies, pictures of abortion victims

The story of finding aborted babies and private medical records in the dumpsters of Michigan abortion mills would seem to be growing old.

But this time legislative action will come of it.

On February 27 pro-lifer Chris Veneklase found the aborted remains of 17 babies in medical ziplock bags, with the names of their mothers labeled on the outside, in a dumpster at the Womans Choice abortion mill in Lansing. (See photo above, names redacted.)

Veneklase contacted Dr. Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, and together they searched the dumpster several more times to retrieve more biohazardous waste and patient records, some from the “sister” mill in Saginaw.

In early April Veneklase and Miller contacted authorities and put together a meeting with state and local law enforcement as well as State Rep. Rick Jones, in whose district the mill is located, and the MI Right to Life legislative liaison.

An investigation was launched involving the Attorney General, Solicitor General, Eaton Co. prosecutor, and Eaton Co. Sheriff’s office, whose detectives conducted more searches of trash and retrieved more evidence.

Here’s what they found. Watch quick. YouTube will surely soon yank this, although there will be a back-up video posted on Vimeo:

Bottom line? No charges can be made, for 2 insane reasons according to Miller, with whom I spoke yesterday:

1. Violation of patient confidentiality: The Women’s Choice abortion mills were not properly incorporated under MI state law. There is no licensed physician named on the incorporation papers. They are owned by Florida resident Richard Remund. Even though the names of the clinics’ abortionists Lewis Twigg and Ronald Nichols were found in the trash, they cannot be charged – There is no physician legally responsible for patient records. (However, the mills’ improper incorporation is being investigated.)

2. Throwing aborted babies in the trash:  Under current MI law abortion mills can place aborted babies and biohazardous waste in the trash as long as they’re dipped in formaldehyde beforehand, which these babies were.

So this morning legislators Joe Haveman, Jones, and Bob Jenetsky are announcing at a press conference they are introducing 3 bills that in part would require abortion mills to humanely cremate or bury the bodies of babies they abort. Failure to do so will result in a felony conviction. Under the new law the mills will not even be allowed to dispose of aborted babies as biohazardous waste.

Here’s video of a TV8 story on this debacle during last night’s news

I love how news organizations are above showing aborted babies on the screen but not carnage of any other sort. However, pro-lifers at the news conference are releasing poster sized photos of the babies. CPL has also posted print quality photos on its home page. Click photo above and below to enlarge…

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