Somehow the story of the ongoing forced abortion of a Chinese couple’s 8-mo-old preborn son made it to the Internet last week, and Aljazeera picked it up:

There is the possibility that someone in the government, aware of their situation and sympathetic, quietly released information about them on a popular Chinese website which works in the same way Twitter does.

Government officials were forcing the mother to abort because the couple already had a daughter, and China, as we all know, only allows 1 child per family.

A reporter for Aljazeera infiltrated the hospital, met the wife, who was waiting to deliver her dead baby after Chinese officials had killed him by lethal injection, and got the husband to tell what had happened on camera in a van outside.

According to the Aljazeera report, dated October 20, this just happened. The pregnant mother was dragged from her home October 10.

Aside from its 2-minute news story, Aljazeera thought the story so compelling it also posted an 8-minute clip of the husband’s interview, which is simply horrible….

NPR picked up on the “heartrending” story. No surprise, a commenter supportive of population control thought extreme abortions like this are necessary:

Sounds pretty barbaric, “forced abortion.” Frank Luntz would call it “mandatory termination” or “prenatal control.” Whatever you call it, the sad fact is that it’s sometimes necessary in China because a family’s urge to reproduce represents what social psychologists call a social trap or what economists have talked about as the tragedy of the commons. Every culture will be grappling with the same problem soon. What’s good for me (more children) is ruinous to society as a whole.

Whatever we think of mandatory abortion, the growth is unsustainable and will stop sooner or later. There are only 2 questions: How much damage will be done to the environment first, and will we do it or let nature do it?

There’s honesty, the crux of the population control argument: Kill or be killed.

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