web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Wesley Smith notes a disturbing study which examined how long it took to starve infants to death after withdrawing nutrition and hydration. It took one child 26 days to die.
  • The Washington Post has an article where various law professors opine about the attempted murder charges against a man in OH who attempted to force a woman to have an abortion at gun point:

    “The law for attempt is taking overt steps toward the completion of a crime,” [attorney Michael] Benza said. “He certainly took steps toward the charge of unlawful termination of pregnancy.”

  • Nadya Suleman’s (a.k.a. Octomom) doctor testified at a state licensing hearing to determine whether he can keep his CA medical license:

    The Beverly Hills fertility doctor said he felt legally bound to go ahead with the 12-embryo transfer – 6x the norm for a woman her age – because Suleman wouldn’t consent to any other option. “She did not want them frozen, she did not want them transferred to another patient in the future,” he said.

    As months passed from their last meeting, [Dr. Michael] Kamrava said he was apprehensive because he couldn’t reach Suleman. Kamrava didn’t hear from her again until after she delivered octuplets in January 2009, according to his testimony….

    Kamrava said he implanted the 12 embryos after Suleman consented to fetal reduction, if necessary. In fetal reduction, a fetus or fetuses are injected with a drug to stop their growth. That procedure also poses dangers, including a possible loss of the entire pregnancy.

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