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So guess what? The judge assigned to handle Susan B. Anthony List’s federal lawsuit against OH Democrat Congressman Steve Driehaus is Timothy S. Black, nominated by President Obama in 2009 and confirmed 5 months ago.

Of course it goes without saying that Black is a pro-abort. Obama would never nominate anyone otherwise inclined.

But in this case Black’s pro-abort bonafides can be easily confirmed. The questionnaire Black completed for the US Senate Judiciary Committee states he was a member of the Planned Parenthood Association of Cincinnati from 1986-89, serving as its director for the duration and its president in 1988. (See #11, “Memberships.”)

We shall see if Black is a proper judge or ideological judge.

If Black considers the constitutional merits, he will see this scenario the same as if this were a PP group that wanted to erect billboards claiming a Republican congressman should be ashamed of himself because he voted “to take away women’s rights,” and the targeted Republican congressman filed a complaint saying this was a criminal lie, because he had actually voted “to protect unborn children” – and wanted to rummage through 2 years of PP emails.

[HT: ChickenMan]

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