NARAL has been running a contest for the best slogan to print on pro-abort stickers at the Rally to Restore Sanity, hosted by Jon Stewart, and March to Keep Fear Alive, hosted by Stephen Colbert, to be held simultaneously on the Washington Mall on October 30 from 12-3p.

Personally I’m thrilled liberals, particularly pro-aborts, have chosen the last Saturday before the 2010 Election to entertain themselves while we conservatives do last minute campaigning.

The more of them who distract themselves there, the better for us. Less of them underfoot.

But I digress. Today NARAL announced the 5 slogan finalists, and there is a recurring theme. 4 of the 5 tout the sanity of pro-aborts:

  • Vote Pro-Choice. Politicians Make Crappy Doctors.
  • Restore Sanity: Vote Pro-Choice!
  • Just Another Sane, Pro-Choice Voter.
  • Sanity is Voting Pro-Choice!
  • Pro-Choice is the Sane Choice
  • Now I realize these are tied in to Stewart’s “restore sanity” theme.

    But they still struck me as ironic, and I can’t imagine the irony will be lost on clear thinking people. Killing babies is sane, saving their lives is insane? Voting for politicians who support laws and funding to kill babies is sane, while voting for politicians who try to save babies is insane?

    I also realize the obvious ploy here is to categorize pro-lifers as the insane ones.

    But “sane” just doesn’t seem to me to be a word pro-aborts would want to interject into this conversation.

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