When Abigail Seidman was 10 years old her mother had an abortion. Abigail suspects her father was not the baby’s father, and her parents eventually divorced.

Abigail describes her childhood until that time as normal. But the abortion “radicalized” her mother, Abigail told me, who came to decide abortion had not only been the right decision for her but was also good in a moral sense….

Abigail’s mother was and is a nurse. She became more involved in feminism and the abortion culture. She decided to switch careers and began working at her local abortion mill in Toledo, Ohio, as well as her local Planned Parenthood, which did not commit abortions.

On Abigail’s 11th birthday, her mother put her on the birth-control pill, admonishing her not to have sex but to nevertheless take precautions, since she could be raped….

As Abigail’s mother became more deeply involved with feminism, she told Abigail all people were naturally bisexual and androgynous and that gender and sexuality were merely social constructs. She cut Abigail’s waist-length hair short, which she was not allowed to grow out again until she was an adult. She encouraged Abigail at age 12 to identify openly as a bisexual and forced her to wear GLBT pins on her backpack….

The clinic owner where Abigail’s mother worked was a Wiccan. Most of her new friends followed a Wicca-oriented New Age path and worshipped fertility, warrior and death goddesses. Abigail’s mother dabbled in all the aforementioned but settled on Buddhism. She banned Bibles and discussion of Christianity from the house….

When Abigail turned 13 her mother began pulling her from school on Fridays to work as a “deathscort” at her abortion mill….

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