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Lunch Break: 2009 Ellen Show – creative children’s Halloween costumes

To give us a break from the daily grind… This video is a year old from the Ellen Show, but nevertheless the ideas are so original and the kids are so cute! Also, Ellen’s comedic timing is fabulous. Email LauraLoo with your Lunch Break suggestions.

Star Parker fundraising ahead of incumbent opponent

by Carder According to an October 22 press release: Star [Parker]’s campaign has raised a substantial total of $1,173,106 with $854,979 raised during the 3rd quarter alone. As of September 30th, Star’s campaign reported $243,460 cash on hand. By comparison, Richardson’s campaign has raised only $528,540 to date, leaving only $160,748 raised in the third […]

Democrat mailers bash Christian clergy

A furor erupted in Catholic circles 2 days ago over a campaign postcard the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party mailed this week. Click all images to enlarge… On its face the postcard appears to accuse Catholic priests of ignoring the poor, a charge even politically unsavvy people would find weird, I think.

Abortion proponents disappointed in Maddow documentary on Tiller

Read backstory here. If you didn’t see pro-abort Rachel Maddow’s documentary, The Assassination of Dr. Tiller, it’s worth watching. Click to view Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, and Part VI. I came away from watching the special thinking it was nothing special. So I was surprised to read of pro-abort […]

Jivin J’s Life Links 10-27-10

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat There are various local news stories in which Lansing 40 Days for Life organizer Chris Veneklase discussed how he discovered aborted children in the dumpster of a MI abortion clinic alongside the names of the mothers who aborted. (See an earlier post on this topic here.)State Rep. Rick […]

Lunch Break: Halloween visit from Gumby

To give us a break from the daily grind… One of the cutest Trick or Treaters ever! He even manages to say “Trick or Treat”. LOL! Email LauraLoo with your Lunch Break suggestions.

Aborted babies, patient records found in MI abortion mill dumpster; laws to stop introduced

The story of finding aborted babies and private medical records in the dumpsters of Michigan abortion mills would seem to be growing old. But this time legislative action will come of it. On February 27 pro-lifer Chris Veneklase found the aborted remains of 17 babies in medical ziplock bags, with the names of their mothers […]

Quote of the Day 10-27-10

These people aren’t used to being confronted. They prey on the weak and they pounce on the wounded. ~Aaron Gouveia, writing about pro-life protesters at a Brookline, MA abortion mill, where he took his wife to have his 16-week-old daughter killed, as quoted by

Planned Parenthood bloopers: The heart begins beating at 24 wks, and X+Y=female… but never mind science

A eye-opening debate was held October 20 at Ft. Lewis College in Durango about Colorado’s Amendment 62. Providing scientific evidence that life begins at fertilization were pro-life groups LifeGuard, Durango Pregnancy Center, Bayfield Christian, and Master Plan Ministry. Arguing to the contrary was Advocates for Choice, a student group sponsored by Planned Parenthood of the […]

35,000 Obama lovers see truth about abortion

On October 17 President Obama campaigned at Ohio State University in Columbus for beleaguered Gov. Ted Strickland, trailing in the polls to pro-life Republican John Kasich. (Click photos to enlarge.)


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