A eye-opening debate was held October 20 at Ft. Lewis College in Durango about Colorado’s Amendment 62.

Providing scientific evidence that life begins at fertilization were pro-life groups LifeGuard, Durango Pregnancy Center, Bayfield Christian, and Master Plan Ministry.

Arguing to the contrary was Advocates for Choice, a student group sponsored by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountain to “educate campus audiences.”

Well, I wouldn’t have believed the words that came out of the young turks from A4C unless I saw the video for myself.

But the same people who constantly – and erroneously – complain pro-lifers make the life debate into a religious one took the opposite tack this time, saying scientific debate was irrelevant and actually “illegitimate.”

I guess it’s no wonder. The few times they ventured into the scientific arena they showed themselves to be abysmally ignorant. A few highlights:

“Their researchers say the heart beats in 21 days. There’s people on our side and research that says the heart doesn’t beat until 24 weeks!”

“I mean I have a cold, so I have a virus in my body, and that’s also something little and living inside of me. But if I’m going to try to kill it I’m not gonna be like, ‘Oh no it was a virus thing I just killed a life.’ It’s not the same thing.”

“And again on the biological note, I just want to add really quickly that all of us women out there we shed fertilized eggspretty much every month.”

There was also this interesting dialogue:

A4C: Gender studies majors? Uh, is there a natural woman?

Crowd: Noooo!

A4C: There is no such thing as “natural woman.”

Our side: I would put out there that probably most of you women do not have a Y chromosome. Ok? There is a natural woman.

A4C: Um, anyone who is born with an X and a Y chromosome is biologically female.

Here is the short version with several of the highlights…

And here is a longer version that begins with our side’s scientific evidence that life begins at fertilization and photos of fetal development alongside photos of abortions at those stages of development…

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