Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Judie Brown reports the IA Board of Medicine’s recent meeting to discuss telemed abortions was flooded with concerned citizens and pro-life reps, despite the fact that the time for public comment was moved an hour earlier unannounced. After allowing comments from several pro-life groups, the Board postponed all further debate until next month’s meeting.

  • Ethika Politika discusses the fallacy of claiming personhood is dependent upon the ability for “rational thought.”
  • Big Blue Wave notes one woman’s negative consequences as a result of pursuing IVF, including a broken marriage, 3 abortions, 1 birth, and many regrets.
  • Catholic Vote discusses President Obama’s repeated omission of “Creator” when quoting the Declaration of Independence in public speeches:[T]he notion that human rights come from God means that government is not the final arbiter of how to defend or formulate those rights….

    [T]he men who wrote the Declaration and our Constitution were believers in man’s God-given dignity and rights.

    Obama has since restored his use of “Creator” after several media outlets drew attention to his misstatements.

  • Moral Outcry has a “you can’t make this stuff up” headline: “When was the last time you heard of an unknowing father accidentally finding a baby in a dumpster—who turned out to be his child?”
  • Coming Home highlights a Headline Bistro article on the pain of post-abortive men as “collateral damage.”
  • Live Action links to a statement from Planned Parenthood OH taking credit for a declining abortion rate. With 134 abortions performed for every 1 adoption referral, do they really have reason to boast?
  • MommyLife shares an incredible video of a pro-life Vietnamese man who has adopted more than 50 children:

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