(Prolifer)ations 10-8-10

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

  • Barbara at Mommy Life posts a reader’s comment on how he and his wife made a “smart move” in aborting their child with Down Syndrome, who they believe would have been “not a blessing but a hindrance on an otherwise functioning family.”

  • Dr. Alveda King compares the abortion and tobacco industries and the ways they put forth contradictions – selling a product while claiming to want to “reduce” its need or use “to distract attention away from its practices.”
  • ProLifeBlogs highlights an Operation Rescue article which reveals information on a possible RU-486 “telemed abortion complication cover-up.”
  • Real Choice draws attention to the case of Stacy Zallie, who committed suicide 15 months after getting an abortion at Stephen Brigham’s facility in 2001.A lawsuit against Brigham by Zallie’s father contends they failed to inform his daughter of several possible risks prior to the abortion. Stacy made 4 suicide attempts after the abortion before succeeding.
  • Secular Pro-Life warns pro-lifers to shun “objectivism,” whose proponents are attempting to draw in Tea Partiers.
  • Stand for Life publishes an article from the Witherspoon Institute which discusses the “hardwiring” of a woman’s brain and why certain biological factors may make coping with an abortion so difficult.
  • Wesley J. Smith writes even the New England Journal of Medicine, who supports Obamacare, is concerned about the November elections, saying, “The outcome of the 2010 congressional elections may well determine whether this landmark legislation succeeds or fails.”
  • Big Blue Wave quotes an abortionist who attempts to describe a 2nd trimester D&E abortion (omitting what happens to the fetus), while contrasting that with a video released by Fr. Frank Pavone:

7 thoughts on “(Prolifer)ations 10-8-10”

  1. A family that kills one of its own is hardly a “functioning family.”

    You will all be affected by the killing whether you acknowledge it or not.


  2. Hm…Kelsey needs more pro-life commenters on her blog, but I’m a bit frightened to wade in there, myself.  Some of those folks are very long-winded.

  3. You will all be affected by the killing whether you acknowledge it or not.

    That’s true, I told you about my mother’s abortion and the effect it has on me, at least.

    Is biology destiny? I don’t think so, but abortion goes against our instinct (and that includes men) to protect the defenseless and dependent. The uterus is even designed to protect the unborn child during pregnancy — it has to be forced open during an abortion.

    The urge to protect and nurture the young is universal — that’s why child molesters fill most of us with rage and revulsion.

    I wonder what this couple tells there children about the sibling that was aborted because he/she was “defective” . . .

  4. As you can see, most people do not view Down Syndrome as the wonderful gift from heaven that hard-line abortion opponents consider it to be. I was taking heat for expressing this same view last night, being called a Nazi, fascist, and any number of other nasty things, but it’s far more mainstream and socially acceptable than “Down Syndrome is a blessing!”

  5. As YOU can see, if one is pro-life one doesn’t give a rat’s behind what other people think.  So, Joan, how long ago was your abortion?

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