Over the weekend I posted a despicable video by environmentalists showing school children among others being blown up for refusing to go along with the greenie global warming agenda.

Now an ad by ACT-Responsible.org featured at Cannes in 2009 has been spotted at Treehugger.com, leading it off in a slideshow of “the coolest environmental advertising”…

Here’s the pdf, in case you want to see an enlarged view of a hanging girl.  Treehugger writes:

According to Creative Director Fred Claviere, it was a hard choice to use an image this provocative. But in his own words: “We have to make people react…it was simply too urgent to not use it.”

I get that environmentalists feel so strongly about (pseudo) human-caused catastrophic global warming they think they must ratchet up their warnings.

But the thing is they don’t like children to begin with. They think children are the problem. They push for people not to have children. They push to kill preborn children.

There is no difference between suctioning and dismembering preborn children and detonating and hanging postborn children. They can’t support the former and claim to oppose the latter.

They’re disingenuous, to say the least. They use both born and preborn children as pawns for their agenda.

[HT: Erick Erickson at RedState.com]

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