I wrote last week about the arrest of abortionist Gary Boyle for brandishing a gun at pro-lifers at a Charleston, SC, abortion mill.

News reports indicated it was uncertain why Boyle was at the mill and whether he planned to abort there that day.

But Tennessee Right to Life wrote today in an email alert that Boyle actually owns that mill.

Indeed all 3 mills listed in TNRTL’s statement as belonging to Boyle are nearly identically named, and all 3 websites are laid out identically. I don’t understand why this wasn’t made clear to police. Was Boyle trying to hide his connection? From TNRTL:

Longtime abortionist Gary Boyle lives in Northeast TN where he and business partner Wesley Adams, along with their wives, own and operate the Bristol Regional Women’s Center, an unlicensed abortion facility. The couples also own and operate similar abortion facilities in both Nashville [The Woman’s Center] and Charleston, SC [Charleston Women’s Center]….

Indeed, looking back, several news outlets reported Boyle’s wife was accompanying him into the mill. Is she an assistant? Manager? More from the TNRTL statement:

The Boyle and Adams families have also placed themselves above statutory law as they continue operating facilities which do not meet the same health regulations as other outpatient clinics.

Tragically, Boyle went so far as to challenge this commonsense state law requiring that abortion facilities be licensed, insured and inspected the same as any other ambulatory surgical center in TN….

Boyle… won [his] lawsuit against the TN Dept. of Health and, unbelievably, do not have to abide by the same health and safety laws as other surgical facilities!

According to news reports, Dr. Boyle was arrested October 2 after pointing a loaded gun at pro-life protesters participating in a peaceful vigil in front of his Charleston abortion facility. The handgun held 15 rounds and Dr. Boyle was charged by local police for having illegally pointed the weapon at peaceful protesters.

The incident is similar to one documented by Nashville pro-life advocates earlier this year in which Boyle, brandishing a handgun, got out of his car to confront a pro-life supporter outside The Women’s Center.

Unfortunately, Dr. Boyle has been released on $25,000 bond and is free to continue his campaign to eliminate as many unborn children as possible for as much money as possible. But clearly Dr. Boyle has less and less peace about the gruesome practices which have financially enriched his family while leaving a poverty of heart, soul and spirit….

Please join members of TNRTL in praying specifically for the conversion of Gary and Leisa Boyle and partners Wes and Debra Jo Adams. May they soon come to join the ranks of former abortion practitioners who now devote their time and talents to promoting respect and protection for the helpless unborn and their abortion-vulnerable mothers.

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