The environmental 10:10:10 campaign is using October 10, 2010, as a day to launch an initiative asking the world to cut down on carbon usage by 10% a year to avert perceived man made global warming.

To that end organizers yesterday released a “highly explosive short film,” laughed The Guardian, which has so hugely backfired they (unsuccessfully) scrambled to remove it from the Internet that same day along with issuing an apology. (See video on page 2.)

The short was the blown-up brain child of “Britain’s top comedy screenwriter Richard Curtis” (pictured right), according to The Guardian, who wrote the Bridget Jones movies, the Mr. Bean movies, Notting Hill, and Four Weddings and a Funeral, to name just some.

Americans will briefly recognize The X Files‘ Gillian Anderson at the end, before she is detonated for daring to say she’s done quite enough to promote 10:10.

And that is the strange message of this video, entitled “10:10 – No pressure”: Go green with everything you’ve got or we’ll kill you – and your kids. Here ’tis. WARNING: Graphically violent.

Environmentalists are so far removed from reality they think a video showing children being blown up for opposing their propaganda is funny. BTW, smug, self-important actress Ellen Page is also a 10:10 supporter.

Moderator Chris, when alerting me of this video wrote:

The greens look like they’ve gone insane – but the big thing is it only reveals what they’ve actually been promoting via their eugenic madness. They’re okay with depicting people being blown up – but object to the reality of abortion with true pictures?

So what is the difference between the graphic displays in this video and pro-lifers showing graphic photos/video of aborted babies? Are there any similarities to be drawn from public reaction?

[HT: moderator Chris]

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