Normally I’m all for pro-lifers buying abandoned abortion mills and converting them into pregnancy care centers, right to life offices, or abortion holocaust memorials.

But this time I’m not so sure, since the owner of this particular infamous mill was murdered by a misguided person calling himself pro-life.


Interesting info in this Associated Press article. I’m not surprised George Tiller’s widow Jeanne apparently doesn’t want pro-lifers to buy the mill, but I am surprised she apparently doesn’t want another abortionist to either. I can’t imagine who else would want to purchase a building with such a despicable history….

A “for sale” sign posted outside a medical clinic formerly operated by murdered abortion provider Dr. George Tiller prompted some abortion opponents Thursday to discuss trying to buy the facility.

Tiller was among the few late-term abortion providers in the US before he was fatally shot in his church in May 2009 by anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder, who is serving a life prison sentence. The Wichita clinic hadn’t reopened after Tiller’s death.

David Gittrich, a leader with Kansans for Life, sent fellow members of the anti-abortion group an e-mail informing them of the sign. He suggested turning the site into a memorial for “the babies who lost their lives.”

He suggested a similar plan in an interview, saying he doubts that another doctor could manage an abortion practice in such a large clinic. Property tax records show the building with almost 8,800 square feet….

Dr. LeRoy Carhart, a NE abortion provider and a friend of Tiller, said he approached Tiller’s widow, Jeanne, about taking over the clinic shortly after her husband’s death. Carhart said she told him she wanted a stipulation in the sales contract that it couldn’t be used for abortions.

“That’s one of the reasons why we didn’t go there,” Carhart said, but acknowledged that he didn’t know whether she still wanted to impose the condition….

County tax records available online list the clinic’s appraised value as $734,100….

The agent listing the property did not return messages left on his cell phone….

Troy Newman, president of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, said he was told the clinic was listed at more than $900,000 when he asked about the price. Newman said he was at first told to submit a bid, but after identifying himself was told he wouldn’t be able to buy it.

Operation Rescue purchased another closed abortion clinic in Wichita in 2006, and remodeled into their national headquarters.

“Who in the world would buy a piece of property with that history?” Newman said. “It is like buying a haunted house.”

Another part of me hopes the Tiller family is unable to sell the property – to make any more profits from abortion. What an anti-testament it would be to abortion if this building with such a truly haunted past were perceived as too cursed to purchase, even for retooling.

On the other hand, razing the building, although likely the most fitting solution, would result in the loss of an important historical structure in the abortion battle, comparable to the Nazi gas chambers.

Obviously, I’m torn on this one.

[Photo via Daily Mail]

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