Anne Geddes, famed photographer of infants, has just released a new book, Beginnings.

The book goes beyond babies,”all the way through the pregnancy to the birth and that first year of caring for a child,”  Geddes told ABC News.

Geddes went further to companion seeds and nests and eggs and pods to that “wonderful zone” of early human life, as she called it, combining many “elements of nature that bring forth new life.”

Geddes wrote about Beginnings yesterday at Huffington Post, with an odd conclusion:

I saw a photograph of a bird’s nest, which was an advertisement for what I thought was a photographic exhibition at a small gallery in Sydney. When I arrived, it was a showing of real birds’ nests. I was deeply moved by these little nests, their incredible beauty and fragility, and the mothering instinct at work – the ingenuity and energy channeled into creating a safe place to conceal the young. Everything about them was just so nurturing. And I began to think about these miracles of nature that are concealed in a repeating pattern of secrete, store, burst forth in abundance – seeds, bulbs, cocoons and the miracle of pregnancy.

When I saw the nests, everything began to flow again; everything came back. I felt inspired to start photographing again. I came out of the exhibit and phoned my husband, Kel, and said, “I need to do another book. I just saw these amazing nests.” The whole “Beginnings” project started from there….

“Beginnings” has made me realize that it is OK for me to dedicate my life to photographing new life, babies and pregnant women; really, that is what my work is all about. This is my passion. I think it takes a sense of maturity as a person and as an artist to grow to understand one’s artistry. I have been so inspired all year. I learned it is OK to photograph newborns, to be in awe of the whole process of pregnancy. It is an incredible, momentous, and precious time.

I have the same question several HuffPo commenters had. Why wouldn’t Geddes think it OK to devote her professional career to photographing pregnant mothers and newborns? And why did she choose the liberal Huffington Post to explain herself?

Geddes express similar sentiment to ABC News:

It’s wonderful that I can encourage people to look at their babies, and realise how precious they are, how beautiful they are, and how important they are as human beings; that they should all be cherished and encouraged and valued and there are a lot of children that don’t grow up that way.

It’s OK to be in awe of the whole process because it’s just incredible.

See HuffPo for a slide show of stunning photos from Beginnings. This touching one of 107-yr-old Violet and 3-wk-old Ciara is apparently getting the most buzz (click to enlarge)…

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