The states are where it’s at as far as passage of pro-life laws are concerned as well as legal and regulatory enforcement. Several judicial appointments are also made by state elected officials.

Pro-lifers made significant gains in the states yesterday. Americans United for Life Action has just released a couple great lists. Pro-life gubernatorial pick-ups:

  • Alabama: Robert Bentley – pro-life gain
  • Alaska: Sean Parnell – pro-life hold
  • Arizona: Jan Brewer – pro-life hold
  • Florida: Rick Scott – pro-life gain
  • Georgia: Nathan Deal – pro-life hold
  • Illinois: If Bill Brady wins – pro-life gain
  • Iowa: Terry Branstad – pro-life gain
  • Kansas: Sam Brownback – pro-life gain
  • Maine: Paul LePage – pro-life gain
  • Michigan: Rick Snyder – pro-life gain
  • Minnesota: If Tom Emmer wins – pro-life hold
  • Nebraska: Dave Heineman – pro-life hold
  • New Mexico: Susana Martinez – pro-life gain
  • Ohio: John Kasich – pro-life gain
  • Oklahoma: Mary Fallin – pro-life gain
  • Pennsylvania: Tom Corbett – pro-life gain
  • South Carolina: Nikki Haley – pro-life hold
  • Tennessee: Bill Haslam – pro-life gain
  • Texas: Rick Perry – pro-life hold
  • Utah: Gary Herbert – pro-life hold
  • Wisconsin: Scott Walker – pro-life gain
  • Wyoming: Matt Mead – pro-life gain
  • AUL also distributed a list of 19 state legislative chambers that have switched from Democrat to Republican majorities, which AUL reminds us, will “enable new pro-life legislation”:

  • Alabama House & Senate*
  • Indiana House*
  • Iowa House
  • Maine House & Senate
  • Michigan House
  • Minnesota House & Senate*
  • Montana House
  • New Hampshire House & Senate
  • New York Senate
  • North Carolina House & Senate*
  • Ohio House *
  • Pennsylvania House *
  • Wisconsin House & Senate*
  • * denotes an important switch

    Fox News today explained more about the magnitude of this shift in state governments and its importance – for years to come:

    [T]he state legislatures take on outsized importance ahead of the 2012 cycle. State governments are responsible for redrawing the congressional districts in accordance with the results of the 2010 Census, and the GOP now has a much stronger voice in that process….

    The state-level GOP wave could help their congressional counterparts build a bigger majority in the next cycle. [GOPAC chairman Frank] Donatelli noted that it also gives Republicans an immediate chance to push their agenda while the U.S. Congress potentially falls prey to political deadlock.

    “We can now begin the reform process in a lot of these states right now. We don’t have to wait for 2012 to happen,” he said.

    Overall, more than 6,100 state legislative seats were up for grabs in 46 states. Republican state legislative candidates made a net gain of more than 500 seats on Tuesday, giving them more seats than at any time since 1928, according to the NCSL….

    [Top photo via AP, caption Fox: “Maine Republicans celebrate victories in both houses of the Legislature at the State House in Augusta, Maine. Shown at center is outgoing Republican Minority Leader Josh Tardy.”]

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