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The mother taking votes whether to abort her 17-wk-old baby, Alisha Arnold, appeared on KSTP ABC News out of Minneapolis on November 18. The news video was ok, but I found the uncut interview (below) more enlightening – and troubling.

It appears the Arnolds’ entire impetus for pulling this stunt was to educate people on the importance of voting.

It also appears the stunt driver is husband Pete, (Alisha: “I’ve been somewhat excited because Pete has been excited to be getting response the way we have and then partly frustrated because I’m by myself and having to deal with more of it than I thought I would on my own.”) who apparently is a tad off-kilter right-wing, pro-life Trekkie.

It also appears Alisha will not abort, no matter what the vote (although she appears to tragically be courting miscarriage)…

  • “The ultrasounds are fun… [W]hen I see the pictures, I do connect. I think it’s kind of natural as an expecting mother to feel emotion towards your unborn child.”
  • “We are taking everybody’s opinion into consideration. It is very important to us what people vote. But in the end, kind of like the president, we reserve veto power…. But it does really come down to us for making that final decision, because it is a procedure that I have to go through. Nobody else is having to do this for us.”
  • “I’m not big for any type of any medical procedure, so [my decision] would probably lean towards keeping the baby, but, you know, anything can change.”

Alisha recognizes she is tempting fate by putting her preborn baby’s life up for a vote when she has lost 3 others to miscarriage. And this pregnancy hasn’t gone so well either. Alisha has been on modified bed rest for bleeding issues and said during the interview her blood pressure was up at her a.m. doctor visit.

Alisha said the scrutiny of publicity has “overwhelmed” her to the point she was “bawling last night,” is “freaking out,” and isn’t sleeping well. This ticks me off. What did she expect? How good can all this be for the baby whose life the Arnolds knew was at risk to begin with? Stupid people, gambling with that precious life to harp on a personal annoyance…

One other note from the news story. The Arnolds are running Google ads on their site… making money from all this.

[HT for interview: Sandy M.]

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