Well, that’s all they have left to do.

The Feminist Majority Foundation released a remarkably indicting statement today.

Entitled, “Unintended pregnancies linked to ineffective contraception use,” it admits “many” baby-averse but sexually active females don’t use the contraceptives they know they should or are sloppy or lazy about them. Well, that’s not quite how FMF put it…

A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey of over 7,000 women revealed that many women, despite their desire to avoid pregnancy, fail to use birth control or do so improperly and ineffectively. The CDC reports that approximately 50% of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended.

Though oral contraception is 92-99% effective when used correctly, many women who rely on this method fail to take the pill consistently – at the same time everyday. Similarly, condoms are reported to be about have a 95% effectiveness rate, but their actual effectiveness is about 85% due to frequent improper usage.

FMF links to a CDC report that indicates by “many” it actually meant “darn near all”:

In the US, almost half of all pregnancies are unintended…. [M]ost women of reproductive age use birth control. In 2002, 98% of women who had ever had sexual intercourse had used at least one method of birth control. However, 7.4% of women who were currently at risk of unintended pregnancy were not using a contraceptive method.

If half of all pregnancies are accidents, but 98% of sexually active females not only know about but have demonstrated they can use contraceptives, then only 2% of unintended pregnancies are of mothers who are completely ignorant about contraception. These would have to include young girls who are victims of rape and incest.

What, unintended pregnancies are not entirely the fault of abstinence education, or mostly, or even somewhat? Rather, they’re predominantly the fault of usually unmarried (83%)  young women (18-29) who have been taught how to be sexually active but lack the maturity or wherewithal to protect themselves?

The CDC adds:

Since 2000, several new methods of birth control have become available in the US, including the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system, the hormonal contraceptive patch, the hormonal contraceptive ring, the hormonal implant, a 91-day regimen of oral contraceptives, two new barrier methods, and a new form of female sterilization.

So there is a wide array of contraceptive options available, something for everyone.

One other point. Guttmacher states “about half” of abortions are repeats. So its post-abortive comprehensive sex ed is also a pathetic failure – at least 50%, not counting mothers becoming accidentally pregnant again who decide against an abortion redo.

Now Planned Parenthood is spearheading a drive for a government panel to declare contraceptives “preventive” medicine, so they’ll be provided free as part of Obamacare?

Due to the dismal failure of the 1960s contraceptive mentality social experiment, part of the cost of this “preventive” care will have to be employing workers to physically dispense the Pill every day in little cups woman to woman or stand by for condom placement.

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