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District of Columbia pro-life congressional candidate Missy Smith called this morning to say the buy for her graphic abortion television ads is up to 355, which is absolutely amazing.

Federal law forces network tv stations to run Missy’s ads through close of polls tomorrow. That will be 7-8p EST, depending on whether the station airs in Maryland, Virginia, or DC.

Interestingly, cable stations, although not legally obligated, have also been running Missy’s ads.

Missy can continue to receive donations until 6p ESt tonight for ad buys tomorrow. Obviously you have to donate online, since time is of the essence.

“If nothing else, the ads certainly have gotten a conversation going,” Missy told me. She has received over 1,000 emails and 1,000 voicemails, many vile and even threatening.

But then there are the rewarding responses, such as this touching voicemail from a 13-yr-old:

Hi. My name is [name omitted].  I’m 13, and I just watched the commercial. It was – I never really knew anything about abortion and I thank you for your commercial.  I would like to send a letter to Obama to ban abortion ’cause I never even heard of the word and then when I actually saw that commercial – it made me cry. And we want to say thank you for that commercial.  And we want to STOP abortion.  Thanks.  Bye bye.

This rare window of opportunity to educate about the truth of abortion is about to close. Donate now. Large or small, your contribution will help. Thanks.

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