web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • The remains of more than 340 unborn children have been found at a Buddhist temple in Thailand:

    A total of 348 corpses, wrapped in plastic bags and newspaper, were found by a member of temple staff in a mortuary storage area.

    Police Colonel Metee Rakphan said plastic bags were found “with fetal corpses inside hidden in the storehouse of a temple”.

    “We assume that they were from illegal abortion clinics, and we are now investigating,” he told AFP, adding that they were questioning the temple mortician.

  • UK scientists have injected fetal stem cells into the brain of a patient who suffered a stroke.
  • A student at an African pro-abortion conference seems to be forgetting someone:“I am willing to face any challenge in the pursuit of the legalisation of abortion in Uganda,” [Maxwell Ogwal, a medical student at Gulu University] told the over 50 participants in a session on unsafe abortion and young women, where he was a presenter….

    “Uganda can borrow a leaf from countries like South Africa. Otherwise, we are losing a lot of people who would have been useful to our society due to unsafe abortion,” Ogwal said.

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