web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Two MIT students have written one of the most absurd sentences I’ve ever seen:A government’s failure to provide abortions constitutes depraved indifference to human life.

    They also have a very low view of women:

    Equality of the sexes is impossible without free access to abortions.

    They never once attempt to make any argument about the what the unborn are and why it should be legal to kill them and conclude with this:

    We look forward to a world in which every woman is guaranteed her right to an abortion whenever she wants, for any reason.
  • What kind of physicians would work for a man who has lost his medical license in numerous states and has a long history of skirting the law and botching abortions? As Operation Rescue shows, criminals and physicians who likely can’t find work anywhere else.
  • Thabiti Anyabwhile (a pro-life pastor in the Cayman Islands) argues that pro-lifers should avoid comparing abortion to slavery, without at least spending a good amount of time showing your empathy towards how slaves suffered:A suggestion: If you have an African American audience with whom you’re using this analogy and you have 30 minutes to win their support, spend the first 20 minutes showing your familiarity with the brutality of suffering and affirming the humanity of the sufferer before you employ the suffering and the sufferer in your cause. Otherwise, I’m guessing most of your audience is saying, “How dare you?!” …

    But having said that, the person who wants to compare abortion to slavery – especially the politically and theologically conservative white person – needs to be ready to hear a lot of people question them personally for doing so. Here’s why. You fit a type in the African American mind. You look, think, speak, and act a lot like the very folks who held slaves. Your views on some things are hauntingly and terrifyingly similar. We sometimes hear you making political arguments about other issues (take states’ rights, for example) and we think, This dude is a Dixiecrat. Now you show up and you talk about the suffering of African Americans in a way that doesn’t deeply explore that suffering or memorialize that humanity and you become very suspect.

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