Well, I never thought I’d be saying thanks to Nebraska abortionist LeRoy Carhart for attempting to expand his late-term abortion cartel, but that’s exactly what I’m here to do.

Iowa’s incoming pro-life Republican speaker of the House, Kraig Paulsen, noted on Iowa Public Television Nov. 20 that while abortion was not much of a topic on the campaign trail, Carhart’s Nov. 9 announcement that he was planning to open up shop in Council Bluffs “really elevated the whole discussion.”

Or, as the Des Moines Register put it, Carhart “pushed the issue, Paulsen said.”

Paulsen noted that consequently there were “several” legislative options under discussion….

I expect abortion advocates are irritated with Carhart for triggering this call for more abortion restrictions. Currently NARAL gives Iowa a C+ on abortion, which is high by its standards. Pro-lifers would love for NARAL to bestow Iowa a flaming red F in the none too distant future….

There is also the issue of abortion-industry turf, which doesn’t get much publicity. But Planned Parenthood of the Heartland must certainly be livid with Carhart for impinging on its territory….

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