I can’t find more complete election results than 97%. The CO Secretary of State’s office won’t release its final tally until November 26. I’m interested because I’d love for Amendment 62’s “Yes” count to reach 30%.

Whatever, I’m relieved Personhood Colorado’s 2nd ballot initiative to define “personhood” as beginning at fertilization fared better than 2008, when it went down 73-27%. But it fared worse than organizers anticipated.

According to lead operative Keith Mason, 4 separate internal polls showed Amendment 62 getting at least 40% support going into election day. Still, it’s amazing to me that nearly 1/3 of blue state Colorado voters believe personhood begins at fertilization.

One problem, Keith told me, was liberal and teachers’ union opposition to Amendments 60 and 61. These were 2 of 3 anti-tax initiatives, the other being 101, about which slogan “Say no to all 3” was promoted. It’s easy to imagine voters mistakenly nixed 62 as the 3rd.

Another problem was pro-life opposition. Thankfully, National Right to Life, Americans United for Life, and attorney Jim Bopp have backed away from opposing personhood initiatives. But stepping into their stead were Phyllis Schlafly and her group, Eagle Forum. And for the 2nd time Catholic bishops failed to support the personhood initiative, which obviously hurt.

The biggest problem, of course, was pro-abort opposition.  For example, the CO Legislative Counsel issued a biased synopsis of Amendment 62, with input from a Planned Parenthood attorney.

Final numbers aren’t in yet, but when the dust settles pro-aborts will have been forced to spend 2-3x that which Personhood CO spent, which was $300k, according to Keith.

Contributions to opponent group No on 62 are currently listed at $636.4k ($100k of which is supposedly a loan).

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is behind that group, and present figures show it had to cough up $389.5k to defend its abortion turf. Nine other PP groups pitched in $39.5k altogether; NARAL $84.5k; ACLU $42.5k; San Francisco-based Credo Victory Fund for Choice $38k; and Progress Now CO $13k. (Individual contributions amounted to chump change.) This is money down the drain for pro-aborts they can never spend on any other pro-abort endeavor or on themselves, fabulous.

Pro-abort messaging shifted midway through this campaign. Since 2008 opponents have focused on abortion but must have concluded this was a nonstarter. According to an email from Personhood CO’s Jennifer Mason:

They saw that they were losing public opinion when they talked about abortion, so they switched to scare tactics (women being investigated for miscarriages, IVF made illegal, contraception made illegal, etc.). At the end they had to start saying  women’s eggs were human beings….

They stopped discussing the “extremes” of abortion statistics. In fact, they stopped talking about abortion altogether. It feels good to know that the only way they were able to win was with lies.  We won every debate, we had thousands of volunteers, and we had truth and science on our side – it really just came down to money.

They also tried to say removing cancerous ovaries would become illegal.

BTW, the upper right photo (click to enlarge) is of signs personhood opponents illegally placed around the circumference of Veteran’s Park in Denver, across from the capital building, in the wee hours before Election Day. Yet it took a formal complaint by amendment co-sponsor Leslie Hanks midday before they were removed.

One of Schlafly’s arguments is that personhood initiatives drag down Republican/pro-life candidates. Pro-aborts agree this cost US Senate candidate Ken Buck the race, although it’s certainly to their advantage to make this point.

Amendment 62 supporters disagree, saying Buck’s renege of support of the initiative midway through the general election campaign cost him the 1% he needed for victory.

(Still others say Buck equating homosexuality with alcoholism 2 weeks before the election turned his fortunes south.)

Pro-lifers opposing personhood initiative efforts need to accept that they’re here to stay. It does no good to oppose them; doing so only helps the other side.

Keith told me Matthew 25:45 keeps coming to mind: “He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.'”

Supporters believe their endeavor is as much about education as it is about victory, which they do anticipate in the longrun. To that end they distributed 850k pieces of educational material in CO. And they did better this go around. Food for thought (click to enlarge)…

Next stop is Mississippi, where a personhood initiative will be on the 2011 ballot. The argument is narrowing, and I am excited about that. The topics of discussion are down to: 1) hormonal birth control pills/morning-after pills and the fact they may cause abortions; 2) IVF.

Also on the table, particularly given the strong pro-life stance of so many 2010 candidates is the rape/incest exception.

These are all great subjects we have never been able to get to before due to pro-abort obfuscation of terms and the debate.

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