I ate dinner last night with Youth Defence conference attendees from Belgium, France, Germany, and, of course, Ireland. I learned that Marches for Life have begun springing up all over Europe just in the past 5 years. For instance, from ABS-CBNnews.com, April 13, 2010:

What was supposed to be an ordinary rally turned out to be one of the biggest gatherings in Belgium.

Different religious organizations and civil groups set aside their differences and joined forces in condemning abortion, which was legalized in Belgium exactly 2 decades ago.

The first ever “Brussels March for Life” urged authorities to abolish abortion in the country as a sign of respect for women who play vital roles in the society.

Pictured here are some of the leaders of the Belgium pro-life movement (along with a couple from France)…

Speaking of France, from CatholicNewsAgency.com, January 19, 2010:

An estimated 25,000 pro-life advocates took part in the 6th Paris March for Life on Sunday to mark the 35th anniversary of the legalization of abortion in France….

“Marche pour la Vie”… brought together 15 French pro-life groups for the non-sectarian and non-partisan event. Organizers said a majority of participants were families or under 25 years old.

Participation increased from last year’s attendance of 15,000 people. The 2010 event saw an unprecedented mobilization effort on social networks like Facebook….

Here are many leaders of Youth Defence. Ireland holds its Rally for Life in July, a day picked merely in hopes the skies will be sunny, since there is happily no anniversary of legalized abortion to commemorate…

About the 2010 Rally for Life, from its website:

Up to 4,000 people have attended the All Ireland Rally for Life in Belfast. The colourful parade attracted maximum attention as it made its way though the busy Belfast shopping district before hearing speeches from pro-life leaders in Custom House Square.

The Rally is organised by a coalition of pro-life groups including Precious Life, Youth Defence and the Life Institute. Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life said she was “delighted to see the huge crowd which had gathered for the 4th consecutive year to stand in defence of life. ”

As I wrote in my previous post, it isn’t necessarily easy to express pro-life beliefs in Europe. The photo right, by pro-lifer Bryan Kemper, is of riot police holding back a mob of protesters at Germany’s 2nd annual March for Life on September 18, 2010. Here is an obviously hostile news account:

Today around 1000 radical Christians demonstrated in Berlin/Germany against abortion with an “March for Life”. Youth-groups from the USA as well as radical Pro-Life supporters from other European countries supported the march.

Around 300 Riot-Police where needed to separate the Pro-Life demonstration from the loud protest of different left-winged groups – they matched around 800 people. They where supported from the Queer & Gay movement, as well as from Feminists and Antifascists.

They tried to provoke the Christians with anti-religious slogans as well as condoms and upside down crosses. The police arrested several protesters.

See photos, some harrowing, from that event here.

Spain has also been the scene of huge pro-life rallies the past 2 years.

The worldwide battle against abortion is intensifying, as pro-lifers awaken and emerge and as pro-aborts through the United Nations and European Union try to legalize it in more countries.

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