On November 20 the Toronto Star published an in-depth look at the shortage of abortionists in Canada, using pseudonymed Dr. Evan James, pictured above, as its focal point.

There are a few stories inside this article, which is worth reading in its entirety. But I’m pulling excerpts that focus on the psyche of this particular abortionist, because I’ve become more interested recently in the under-reported topic of the homosexual movement’s involvement in abortion.

Expanding on a comment I made on my recent post about the transgender student who ravaged a pro-life graphic display, here we have a man who simultaneously identifies with but fears or abhors women – but supports violating the decidedly female condition of pregnancy so as to supposedly place women on the same reproductive playing field as men.

This particular man supports abortion so strongly he’s willing to violently murder both early and late-term preborn babies himself – via a procedure many mothers later equate to surgical rape.

Meanwhile, he has discovered maternal/paternal instincts. This is a very mixed up man.

As a sidebar I note “Health Reporter” Megan Ogilvie needs to brush up on medical terminology and biology and quit obfuscating that who is being aborted…

Dr. Evan James never wavered in his determination to become an abortion provider….

He found that he enjoyed the work and was not put off by a woman’s tears or the tissue he extracted from her womb….

Only when his personal life was thrust up against his professional beliefs was his firm stance on abortion shaken.

James and his partner desperately wanted to adopt a child.

Suddenly, there were days when he found it hard to commit to being an abortion doctor. For the first time, he began to see shades of grey instead of just black and white.

As [28-yr-old] James’s desire to have a family deepened, he began to think an uneasy thing: how could he terminate pregnancies when each abortion meant there would be one less child for adoption?

He also wondered how he would explain what he did for a living to his adopted child. After all, wouldn’t his son or daughter have been born because the birth mother had not chosen abortion?…

Because he is gay, James also considered becoming a doctor for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community….

James saw his first abortion when he was 22….

He was keen to watch, wondering how he would feel during the procedure – and after, when the doctor looked at the pregnancy tissue….

James remembers feeling a gentle shock each of those first few times. But even after viewing a 2nd-term abortion, he was not haunted by what he saw.

“During the direct examination, you might see an arm or an umbilical cord or, even, the body. It doesn’t all come out in one piece. With your imagination, you can see that it resembles a human….

“I didn’t understand that until I saw it,” he says. “I very strongly believe that women make a maternal decision when they decide to end a pregnancy. Because they are deciding for that child it is the best option, that (by having an abortion) they are preventing suffering and preventing a life that they wouldn’t wish upon anyone else, let alone their child. That was very powerful for me.”…

[T]he first step towards becoming providers is being able to watch a termination. The next is to find out whether they can do one.

In a woman’s 1st trimester, a surgical abortion… is a straightforward process, taking no more than 10 minutes…..

Pulling up on the vacuum’s plunger, the doctor sweeps the catheter along the wall of the uterus to remove what physicians call “the products of conception.”…

“It turns out,” he says, “that it’s something I’m good at doing.”…

“I tell them [aborting mothers] that this is something we will get through together.”…

An added complication to Canada’s shortage of abortion doctors is the scarcity of those who will do the procedure in the 2nd trimester. A doctor who has no qualms giving an abortion to a woman who is 12 weeks pregnant may never be comfortable terminating a pregnancy at 20 weeks.

They are more graphic, they just are,” says Dr. Meredith Simon, medical director of the Kensington Clinic…. “The fetus is bigger, and there is a lot more tissue.”…

In the days after his return from Morgentaler, James was buoyant. He was proud that he was able to do – and do well – the thing he had, for years, been so passionate about. His path forward seemed clear….

But a month later, in August 2009, James and his partner, “Jack,” started the adoption process. They had been married for 2 years and felt it was time to start their family. Suddenly, James’s commitment to being an abortion doctor faltered….

One year after questions started to swirl through his mind, he has made his choice.

James will be an abortion doctor.

Not only that, but James plans to do 2nd-trimester abortions as part of his practice…..

What he learned about himself is that he is not pro-abortion, but pro-choice. This means both abortion and adoption are part of the spectrum of care he believes in. With this distinction James was able to reconcile having one foot in an abortion clinic and the other in an adoption agency.

“In some ways, this wait has made me more pro-choice, because I see that women have all of these options,” says James. “I don’t think I’ll ever have trouble being honest with my children about telling them what I do. To me, it will allow me to say to my child: your mother had a choice, and she decided that you should be here and wanted somebody to care for you.”

That he is part of a profession that, at its roots, cares for people in need also helped James regain his firm stance on abortion….

He hopes his child will be proud of him for taking it.

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