December 7 was the drop dead date now infamous couple Pete and Alisha Arnold originally set for their poll asking the public to decide whether or not they should abort their baby.

They said they needed to know one way or the other by December 9, the last day they could legally abort in Minnesota before their baby reached the age of 20 weeks.

But when fraudulent voting began falsely skewing the poll toward “Have an Abortion,” the Arnolds closed it November 28, 4 days after Alisha wrote, “I don’t believe I could go through with an abortion now,” which I never thought she would anyway, thank goodness.

Anyway, I wanted to close the loop on this creepy couple, who now spend their posts navel gazing, supposing the public actually cares what they think when in reality we only tuned in out of horror or bloodsport.

The Arnolds had the votes analyzed and weeded out the spam, so the sum total of real voters upheld the sanctity of human life…

The Arnolds also posted the IP addresses of the top 500 fraudsters, noting that “99.2% of the top 500 fraudulent voters voted to end a life,” which comes as no surprise. As I said, bloodsport.

Back to the baby, the Arnolds reported today their 20-wk ultrasound yesterday indicated “[e]verything looks good and healthy.” I pray the 2nd half of Alisha’s pregnancy and her delivery go just as well.

I also pray this baby’s simple existence teaches her or his parents through the course of time to uphold the sanctity of human life rather than treat it so cavalierly.

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