That number is actually 9, since Newsweek inexplicably included Obama supporter Jim Wallis on the list, even while acknowledging he’s actually part of the “evangelical left.”

But whatever, congratulations to Marjorie Dannenfelser, founder and president of the Susan B. Anthony List, for receiving† recognition she deserves, particularly after her group’s amazing success during the 2010 election season.

Also congratulations to 2 other pro-life luminaries Newsweek cited, whose names are familiar to this blog, Robert George and Tony Perkins.

But Marjorie stands out as being the only person listed whose total focus is the pro-life issue. Newsweek’s prelude to revealing the list:

Who speaks for the religious right? That used to be an easy question to answer… Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and James Dobson….

[I]itís harder to pinpoint a similar council for the 2nd generation of the movement, which is more strategically, denominationally, and ideologically diverse…. Many of the leaders are Catholics, reflecting the success of an effort beginning in the 1980s between Catholics and evangelicals to forge ties over shared priorities, like curtailing abortion rights….

The following list… [is] a snapshot of a movement thatís changing and growing more diffuse, even as it remains a potent force in American politics.

About Marjorie, Newsweek wrote:

… Dannenfelser leads an organization that isnít explicitly religious but draws its support from many conservative Christians. Once a pro-choice, moderate Republican, Dannenfelser about-faced in college, becoming anti-abortion at the same time she left the Episcopal Church to become a Catholic.

Today, she heads the Susan B. Anthony List, which she founded out of her house in 1991. The political-action committee, which gives money to pro-life candidates, has quietly become one of the nationís preeminent anti-abortion groups, making it the standard-bearer for one of the religious rightís central issues. And she has the ear of evangelical rock star and potential 2012 candidate Sarah Palin, who headlined an SBA List fundraiser in May 2010.

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