This is Part II of Dr. Nadal’s 1st person account describing the attempt by pro-aborts in New York City to co-opt the life-saving message of pregnancy care centers. Read Part I here.

by Gerard Nadal, Ph.D.

In testimony before the New York City Council, and in meetings with legislators, I have delivered the following analysis of the NARAL and Planned Parenthood-backed bill:

It is anti-“choice.”

The truth of the matter is that PP and NARAL fear choice. The “right” to choose has morphed into the “obligation” to abort. They fear pregnancy resource centers precisely because we offer the hope, help, support, and resources they do not.

Councilman Dan Halloran forced PP to admit that it does not provide prenatal care but is primarily about contraception and abortion. In a word: Nihilism.

PP is the Seinfeld show of reproduction. It’s all about nothing: nonexistence and ending existence. What it is not about is parenthood. “Choice” is merely another of their many lies.

“Without more than one viable option on the table, ‘choice’ collapses into compulsion and coercion,” I told the Council. “Our existence guarantees that women actually have a choice.”

Many have been stunned and unable to respond to this linguistic speed bump. It’s a critical distinction, perverse as it may seem. In our pro-life efforts, we need to deconstruct the tangled ball of verbal engineering the other side has constructed, and that begins by taking the word “choice” away from them. They don’t believe in it, and therefore have no right to it.

It’s ours.

Of course we want abortion outlawed. Until that day comes, the reality is that women have a legal right to choose. What many lack is support, a vision of hope, and the knowledge of how many resources are actually available to them.

And that is why PP and NARAL so hate PRCs. We guarantee “choice,” the outlet for a woman’s natural desire to keep her child. They don’t want abortions to be “safe, legal, and rare.” They want them to be expedient, legal, and abundant. They have chosen New York State as their central front in this ongoing war and to make this legislation the template for a national assault on PRCs.

Join us by visiting our petition website to sign our online petition. At that link also find the legal brief written by the American Center for Law and Justice, listen to Laura Ingraham’s interview with Chris Slattery, and so much more.

We’re winning, and this is their desperation showing. Let’s commit to making this petition a statement of national consensus.

JLS note: In its 2010 State Legislative Session Report, released today, Americans United for Life observed:

Despite increasing attacks against prcs by NARAL and other abortion advocates, 3 states – Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Virginia – adopted resolutions commending the important and life-saving work of these centers.

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