Thick as a brick: Home of pro-life leaders vandalized

About 2 a.m. this morning someone(s) threw several bricks through the front window of the Chicago north side home of pro-life luminaries Joe and Ann Scheidler, president and VP of the Pro-Life Action League.

One of the bricks had a weird, expletive-ridden note wrapped around it, which you can read on page 2. The vandal(s) were clearly pro-aborts. The one writing the note was apparently post-abortive.

I called Ann to make sure she and Joe were ok. She relayed an interesting tidbit.

“I just remembered that the Illinois Choice Action Team held a training session last night for deathscorts to go to the Albany Clinic,” Ann said. “I would be very surprised if there was not a connection between that and this vandalism.”

Me, too. ICAT’s gathering was held less than 20 minutes from the Scheidlers’ home. Ann told me she has notified police investigating the crime of this latest development. ICAT is the state NARAL affiliate.

Ann said in a statement, “This is not the first time we have been vandalized by people who believe in abortion. It is ironic that the same group of people who accuse us of intimidation and violence are engaging in that same behavior.”

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  1. If this happened to ‘borts it would be on the national news.  I’m glad no one was hurt.

    And what’s with the writing?  Did this woman have an abortion in third grade?

  2. These people need our prayers like nobody’s business.

    Perhaps it is providential that the ICAT fundraiser is on Wed. Dec. 8. That day is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception which celebrates Mother Mary’s conception without the stain of original sin. It is one of the holiest days in the Church calendar, a Holy-day of obligation (to attend Mass) for all Catholics. Catholic or not, let’s remember these pro-aborts in our prayers, especially on that day, that their hearts and minds may be converted. Praying for the Scheidlers who have given so much to the pro-life cause.


  3. Years ago, I received a similar “sicko” note in the mail the first time I wrote a letter to the editor. I took it directly to my priest and asked for a blessing. . .then continued on with my pro-life work.  We must pray for these women whose wounds go very deep.

  4. My take-away from that note – Queen Anne’s Lace makes you crazy…
    I think I might die Im laughing so hard.  Thanks Chris.  (Really, I am crying I am laughing so hard.)

  5. Wait! According to the pro-choice/abort side we’re supposed to be the nutty violent vandals! I thought they were so peace loving and women loving!

    Did I miss something?

    Sarcasm aside, Janet’s right. We do need to pray for them (the people involved and the Scheidlers). I’m glad nobody was hurt.

  6. I’m glad nobody was hurt.

    No, but someone is hurt. Whoever wrote this note sounds poisoned and damaged. The sad thing is, they try to fix this somehow by cajoling/coercing/urging/escorting other women to do the same thing they did that hurt them so badly. I remember when my boyfriend at the time was trying to pressure me into getting an abortion. I confided in one of my coworkers, and she started telling me about how her abortion was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and thanks to abortion, she was able to go backpacking around Europe, etc. Seemed so vapid to me…

  7. I looks like a right handed person wrote the note with their left hand.  I wonder if she thought to wear gloves…

  8. Help! I seriously did not understand the brick thrower’s Queen Anne’s Lace response! I want to laugh with Kristen at Chris’s comment but don’t get the premise!

  9. Queen Anne’s Lace is a flowering plant related to the carrot. The author of the note apparently believes that Queen Anne’s Lace works as an abortifacient.  I haven’t found any medical evidence to back that up; just a bunch of herbalist websites praising it as a method of contraception.

    But whatever. The loyal opposition abandoned science long ago.

  10. I’m with Jill.  I didn’t get it either.  Somebody explain!  I Googled it and see that the seeds are purported to be a contraceptive, but that doesn’t really explain the comment.

  11. According to WebMD, there is “insufficient evidence” for the many, many proposed uses of Queen Anne’s lace: “Kidney stones, bladder problems, gout, diarrhea, indigestion, gas, pain in the uterus, heart disease, cancer, kidney problems, use as a nerve tonic, use as a diuretic (water pill), use as an aphrodisiac, inducing menstruation (periods), or treating worms.”

    If it could really do all that… that would be one impressive carrot.

  12. I remember when my boyfriend at the time was trying to pressure me into getting an abortion.

    I hope you got rid of him FAST!

  13. No. I stupidly married him and stayed with him for roughly 10 years. I just dumped him for good this last year. We broke up in March, and I’ve never been happier.

  14. Boy, the pro-aborts must be getting desperate to be going after the Scheidlers.

    I remember seeing dead fish on my lawn days after I put two signs stating “Planned Parenthood Bad for Aurora” .

    Let’s keep up the pressure folks

  15. I honestly think this is something that could have been written by middle school kids. It seems very contrived. It reminds me of the vandalism done to the PP sign which was assumed to have been done by PL people.
    If I’m going to commit an act of vandalism for whatever perverse reason, or I have a personal score to settle with someone, I will certainly write a note in a manner that disguises my identity.  I will try to make my writing look as infantile as possible with misspelled words and senseless expressions.  I would also try to make it look like someone other than myself wrote it.  I say that because after writing a letter to the editor years ago, I received such a letter that I KNOW was from a former “friend” of my husband’s, trying to disguise himself by sounding illiterate and, well, like someone other than himself. I immediately recognized who it was. He had a golden opportunity to settle a score with me and he took it. 

    Something about this vandalism and letter just doesn’t ring true.

  16. I do think it was used as an abortifacient (or at least people thought it worked) but I was really just laughing at what I perceived was a dead-pan comment about the nut-job that wrote the note.

  17. see, what strikes me as odd, is that a lot of these people who are arguing for how abortion isn’t killing life, or it isn’t wrong, are the same people who get naked and lock themselves in cages for the animals. not to judge animal helpers, help is always good, but man, what the hell? i remember when people had REASONABLE priorities. and you’re all very brave and strong standin up for the babies, i’ll keep you all in my prayers. God bless

  18. So much for “tolerance” and “free speech” from the liberal pro-choice side. But that aside, it sounds like whoever wrote this note is angry (full of venim) and hurting and I sincerely hope they are able to finding healing and peace.

  19. DD (Artemis), Megan, Cranium, Biggz… any of you care to lecture us again how violent and criminal we pro-lifers are?

  20. Xal–you’re right. They are hurting and it’s sad.

    I read on a website that some people use Queen Anne’s Lace as a method of contraception.  I googled it and several websites talking about it popped up, here’s the one I read (I haven’t read the whole part of it, yet, but apparently this link has all kinds of information about doages and not mistaking it for poisionous plants that look like it and so forth):

  21. I agree with Ann Scheidler about connection between the  the ICAT raining & vandalism. Nor was I surprized when I read her post on their website that the police considered that fact “irrelevant”. if the reverse were true, I doubt that Pro-lifers having a rally or training session a few hours before a abortion clinic worker’s house was vandalized would be called irrelevant, esp by the papers.
    Speaking of which, I assume this hasn’t gotten much, if any coverage by the press.

  22. Ok, thanks. Now the “Queen Anne’s lace” part of the comment makes a little more sense – if the scribbler thinks it has the potency to cause abortions.

  23. That explains it then.  I saw Queen Anne’s Lace and was instantly confused, given that it’s a fairly ugly, bug-ridden, and bad-smelling sort of a weed.

    @phillymiss: I’m wondering about the handwriting, too. That’s really, really bad. Perhaps they put the paper on the brick before writing the note? Or were drunk?

  24. Sydney

    “Vandalism at a Madera Planned Parenthood clinic has forced it to close its doors temporarily” This vandalism was worse than a brick. The clinic was firebombed with a molotov cocktail.

    And that’s just one of many acts of vandalism directed towards Planned Parenthood over the years. During the peak years of “Operation Rescue” activity, things like pouring cement into clinic door locks was routine – as well as other acts of vandalism. Actually, the cement thing was done, in Florida, last year.

    ANTI-ABORTION EXTREMISTS/The Army Of God and Justifiable Homicide – History of the Army of God -The Army of God is an underground network of domestic terrorists who believe that the use of violence is appropriate and acceptable as a means to end abortion

    I don’t think that there are any pro-choice groups that advocate killing those who are anti-choice and vandalizing CPC’s. 

    And it goes without saying that a brick is not the same as the murder of abortion providers and clinic staff by those whom some in the anti-choice community think are heroic and whose acts are “justifiable homicide.” Scott Roeder had (and still has) fans. I certainly condemn vandalism against those in the anti-choice community. Hopefully, those in the anti-choice community feel the same when the shoe is on the other foot.

  25. *not impressed* Wow…there are more cases of vandalism and violence caused by street gangs on the home front, and extremist islamic groups in the Middle East causing people to live in fear and injuring and killing innocent people every day, where’s your concern over that violence!? All the pro-choicers whinning seem to have lost perceptive of that. And for the last time, we are not all violent extremists or approve of violent tactics! Nor are we anti-choice, we are anti-abortion! Stop intentionally and dishonestly mischaracterizing us!

  26. I used to know a lot about herbal medicine but I doubt you can kill an unborn baby with Queen Anne’s Lace. My sheep pasture is full of the stuff and it never stopped them from having loads of health lambs.

    There are however herbal pregnancy-enders which are nearly as dangerous as going in for a ‘safe, legal’ abortion. Safe for the mother, I mean. The pro-abortion crowd has gotta stop spreading the word about them (and mentioning coat hangers) if they want to protect women’s lives because some women, unfortunately, will try anything.

  27. @Alice – I saw Queen Anne’s Lace and was instantly confused, given that it’s a fairly ugly, bug-ridden, and bad-smelling sort of a weed.

    I’m a big “plant person,’ and yeah, it is kind of nasty looking.

    But look very closely, and you will see a tiny, tiny flower growing in the center of it that’s an amazing shade of royal purple, which goes to show that there is beauty in even the most unattractive things.

    @Nissa — My sheep pasture is full of the stuff and it never stopped them from having loads of health lambs.

    Wow, I’ve seen cattle grazing but never sheep.  I have a big ol’ cranky Siamese who likes to sit in front of the window and growl at any animal that may come by.  Once there was a deer in the backyard and he had a fit!   I guess he didn’t realize that a deer could kick him over the moon.   I can’t imagine what he would do if he saw a whole yard full of sheep!

    @MotherInTexas: I’ve never condoned violence as a means to protest abortion. Still don’t.
    Agreed,  But we can say this until we’re blue in the face, and many ‘borts will still believe we’re all violent fanatics.  Whatever.

  28. DD  December 3rd, 2010 at 9:27 am
    “I don’t think that there are any pro-choice groups that advocate killing those who are anti-choice and vandalizing CPC’s.”


    The pro-life/dead babies r us percentages in the United States have remained fairly constant over the years at 50/50.

    Therefore half the human embryo/fetuses would be pro-life and the other half would be pro-choice, but the  the dead babies r us folks are more than willing to kill ALL of them.

    [Then there are the women who have died from complications from the so called ‘safe and legal’ procedure.]

    Hell forbid that anyone would say or do anything to object to the unabated executions of a million prenatal children a year.

    If memory serves me correctly less than 20 abortionist or their accomplices have been killed in the United States or Canada in all of last century and the first decade of this one.

    Meanwhile the abortionists and their accomplices have killed over 40 million pre-natal humans in the United States.

  29. DD, Just wondering, would you object to someone putting cement into a door lock if it would keep you from being slaughtered? Just answer the question yes or no, and tell the truth…if just for the sheer novelty of the experience.

    Oh, and I believe that a PP killing chamber in California published a cartoon that explicitly advocated the killing of prolifers…and I have personally witnessed a number of abortionists threatening to hit prolifers with their cars, driving straight at us, and many sidewalk counselors have been threatened with lethal violence  by proaborts, usually deadbeat fathers of children scheduled for slaughter.

  30. Thanks be to God for Joe and Ann Schiedler for working to save women and children from the merchants of death.    Post-aborts are understandably bitter about their abortion experience and the Schiedler’s represent the truth about the choices the post-aborts made when they went to Planned Parenthood and lied down on the gurnee and spread their legs and raised up their knees and placed their feet into the stirrups and subjected themselves to the insertion of foreign objects up through their vagina and into their womb to tear their child out in bloody pieces.  How could it not leave you psychologically and spiritually devasted?  Lord have mercy.

  31. Didn’t some PAs in Mississippi send out a notice of the grave danger their last remaining abortion clinic was in and they needed donations to hire lawyers? Lawyers?  Why not install a decent security system?  It would be a lot cheaper and more effective.
    They wailed about some PA person getting into their lobby and refusing to leave.  Ah, folks, ever hear of locks on the door? That’s how the rest of us keep unwanted visitors out of our homes.
    The police took so long to respond! Probably because there was no danger and they had more pressing concerns, like crime.
    The police didn’t arrest this intruder! Most likely because the person peacefully left when asked to and the police wanted to save themselves a lot of paperwork.

    Oh and there was the PP account of how a family was visited by the police because their daughter’s name was the same as an undercover woman posing as a minor impregnated by her older boyfriend.  Problem was the girl’s name and street were false and there was nothing in the police report of police taking any action after visiting the clinic, likely because they immediately determined the girl’s name and street were false.
    There was also the problem that no official source such as the police, the alleged family, the family lawyer, a newspaper account, nothing, could be found to verify this. The only “source” was PP. A little suspicious ya think?

    Looks like we need to be a little wary of PA claims of “violence” and “violation” of rights as well.

  32. Oh cry me a river.  Because of this cement and superglue attack, the Naples  PP will have to invest in a security system.  Oh what a tale of woe!  Hey, welcome to the real world folks.  Every business and facility I walk into has security cameras. Private homeowners must also invest in residential security.
    Unlike PP, the real world doesn’t have millionaire donors or millions in taxpayer funds to help with security expenses yet we manage.  We don’t even send out fundraising letters for donations to help pay our security. 

  33. In my post of 9:04am I said a PA person got into the clinic lobby. I meant to say someone who was alleged to be a PL “terrorist” was in the clinic lobby.

  34.  I despise Joe Scheidler;he’s a total hypocrite and is stupid enough to be both opposed to abortion and to want to make contracepives illegal. He’s a self-righteous busybody.
      But I don[t condone throwing bricks through the windows of his home. 
       The vast majority of pro-choicers would never do something like this and never use any form of violence or intimidation against anti-choice fanatics like Scheidler.or protesters at abortion clinics.  That doesn[‘t excuse Scheidler’s anti-choice campaign. People like him represent the REAL culture of death.

  35. Robert Berger,

    Then I’m sure you will agree that the vast majority of PL people do not support violence and vandalism as well.  PA people are no longer in the very comfortable position of “victimhood” since the killing of a peaceful PL man in front of a high school and this recent act of vandalism. News flash, violent fringes exist everywhere and represent only their own sick motives.  Now PA people must realize that they can also be falsely aligned with a violent fringe, however unfairly, and may be a little more careful about hurtling accusations of advocating violence against PL people. 

  36. Is this really a surprise, these are people who kill innocent children in the womb….
    Most Christians have been raised on a false understanding of Charity and of Judgment [i.e. vs Condemnation].
    Dont worry, it wont be but a generation or two before the Christians are again forced to worship in secret by “neo-Christian-Pagans”.
    These same neo-CP’s will claim the world a better place and teach children how once religion killed more people than any other force in the history of the world…. then they’ll go off to watch the evil Christians fed to the animals…

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