UPDATE, 12/23, 3p: YouTube has now removed the 2nd video, but it has been made available at Eyeblast. Also see it below…

UPDATE 12/21, 6:10a: YouTube removed the 1st video, but it’s up again here.

12/13, 3:08p: Hey, the invite was published on the web and didn’t specify party goers had to be pro-abortion.

So 3 members of Randall Terry’s group Insurrecta Nex got wind of this “holiday” abortion celebration…

… and decided to spread “holiday” cheer to abortion proponents by their presence.

The creepiest moment came before the trio even exited the elevator.  They tell me the electricity and lights shut down, and they had to pry the door open. As the Church Lady used to say, Could it be… satan?

They told me they milled around for a time, waiting to sign the abortionists’ “holiday” greeting cards until everyone else had, adding their own special notes to the baby killers.

It was only at this point that their cover was blown. Pro-aborts started questioning their allegiance to prenatal suctioning and dissecting, and that’s when the guys turned on the video camera while tossing little 12-week fetal models (sample right) on the table. We pick up the story here with the group’s entertaining but instructional YouTube video…

I’m hopeful the party lost its pizazz while some of those young minds were given pause to reconsider, particularly the person(s) tasked with removing (quickly, I’m sure) the babies off their festive table.

No justice, no peace.