As to be expected, Denver was cold last Saturday, January 8.

It was so cold the black vinyl sheet Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains uses to cover its fence to prevent clients from interacting with pro-lifers frosted over, which provided a fantastic medium for frozen messages.   When you use your finger to pen a message in the frost it melts and re-freezes, leaving what looks like a chalk message – until the sun melts it away.

Pro-life activists Debbie Evans and Jo Scott had just finished preparing the fence for that morning’s outreach to pregnant mothers in crisis when a total of 8 squad cars surrounded the pro-lifers while 2 more entered the PP parking lot.

The sergeant jumped out of his car and yelled, “Who wrote on the wall?,” Jo wrote in an email describing the event. “I did.”  To which he responded, “Come with me, I’ll need to see your ID. You’re getting a ticket for destruction of private property.”  Jo was flabbergasted and explained to the officer she had written in the frost on the fence.   He would not believe her, insisting the pro-lifers had used chalk.

Another officer asked Debbie for her ID. Then all 20 pro-lifers on the scene began writing on the fence and asking to be arrested as “frosted felons.” Because the police parked in the middle of the street, they not only obstructed incoming traffic to the PP mill but made it appear as if a major crime was in progress. Jo noted, “During the time the police were blocking traffic, no abortion clients entered the mill. Praise the Lord!”

Ultimately only Debbie was issued a ticket for “destruction of public property” because she was the only person a PP security guard could positively identify.

By this time an hour had passed… and then the sun came out.

As quickly as they descended on the pro-lifers, all 10 police cars departed.

Five minutes later the officer who had cited Debbie returned and asked her for her ticket, which he tore up.

Here’s video of some of the keystone cop frosty pro-life caper, filmed by Debbie’s husband Scott

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