I have been communicating with a person involved in the production of MTV’s abortion special, No Easy Decision. The show, which aired December 28, continues to garner interest. Bill O’Reilly plans to discuss it on The O’Reilly Factor tonight, for instance.

Last week both Bryan Kemper and I speculated the program may have been funded by abortion proponents, since it ran commercial free and admittedly involved the pro-abort group Exhale in the process.

The person with whom I have been emailing dispelled that theory. Although  s/he could not provide documentation, s/he told me what s/he knew from being in the room for some of the planning and production. Interesting stuff.

The insider told me No Easy Decision was not its own show or series but part of 16 and Pregnant: “Same producers, same camera men, same budget.” So funding apparently came from the 16 and Pregnant budget. One of the post-abortive mothers, Katie, corroborated on her blog that No Easy Decision was considered “season 2b’s finale special.”

More insider info, quoting directly:

Pro-choice organizations were only involved insofar as MTV utilized them to find young women who had had abortions and were comfortable talking about them in such a public way. Information about the show was leaked to those groups early, but they had no hand in it.

While the show did pair with Exhale, I feel this was primarily to support the women involved, who all identified themselves as pro-choice and were not interested in counseling from religious or ideologically conservative organizations.

Producers were just as worried groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL would dislike the show as they were of anti-choice organizations. It was really the producers’ brainchild. They didn’t seek out advertisers because they wanted No Easy Decision to run uninterrupted. Producers had to fight to schedule in the small amount of time they were able to get.

Dr. Drew is not “pro-abortion” at all and was actually pretty critical of the participants throughout the filming process. In the past, he’s spoken out against abortion, saying that too often it was used as a form of birth control.

I don’t know enough about Drew Pinsky to offer an opinion on that latter comment. I do know from several young people who are familiar with him that he has mischaracterized the Pill’s mode of action. One emailed me, “I think it was in the Team Mom Season 2 After Show that one girl said she was scared of taking BC because she heard it could kill the baby, and he adamantly said no it doesn’t.”

So anyway, there you go. As I said, interesting chatter. I’ll, of course, pass along any more inside information I receive. I can’t say how I know this insider is the real deal, I but I have corroborated that fact.

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