On Dec. 28, MTV aired the abortion special, “No Easy Decision,” apparently yielding to pressure from abortion ideologues upset that its two highly rated shows on unplanned pregnancies, “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom,” are both life-affirming….

If you haven’t watched it, you can do so on MTV’s website….

MTV aired “No Easy Decision” as a half-hour special sans commercials on a Tuesday night at 11:30 p.m., which says how much MTV really wanted to do this….

Abortion groups like NARAL and Feministing promoted “No Easy Decision” in advance. Afterward abortion proponents were elated….

Well, I’ve watched “No Easy Decision” four times now only to increasingly wonder what there was for the other side to crow about….

Aside from Dr. Drew’s advocacy of contraception and abortion and the obviously prepped abortion clinic counselor on the phone, the reality of abortion decision-making and its aftermath came painfully through. Four of those unhelpful realities noted were…

This is the show that “thrilled” abortion proponents, as the pro-abort blog Jezebel exclaimed?

It seems to me the pro-abort crowd is by this time in the history of legalized abortion merely happy with crumbs, for the simple display of abortion, even with all its catastrophic negatives….

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