On Sunday pro-aborts hotly disputed that the Obama administration had done anything wrong by reinserting payment for end-of-life counseling into Obamacare as a regulation when Congress, under pressure, had earlier axed it from the bill.

But less than 2 weeks after the New York Times revealed it was back, it’s gone again, also according to the NYT. Wrote the National Right to Life Committee in an email alert upon learning the news (bold highlights theirs):

But late last night, an abrupt reversal by the Obama administration came when they decided to drop this dangerous “end-of-life care” provision which would have been used to nudge or pressure older people to agree to less and less expensive treatments.

The sudden change shows that pro-life opposition can and will make a difference! It is clear that the Obama administration is nervous about bringing attention to the many rationing elements its health law. We must redouble our efforts to expose to all the rationing inherent in the ObamaCare.

Yes, Obamacare still contains rationing, as NRLC explains here and here. Only repeal will kill it.

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