I’m happy to announce moderator Carder has taken over posting our Quote of the Day on M-W-F! She’s been at it a few weeks now and has chosen excellent snippets that have gotten lots of feedback. If you see a quote worth spotlighting, either pro-life or pro-death, please forward it to carder@jillstanek.com.

Ace Admin Assistant Kelli will still post QODs on Tu-Th, and I’ll continue to handle the weekend.

On the sad side, this means moderator Jasper will no longer be performing this task or moderating, as he has done for several years. Jasper is currently traveling quite a bit for work and needs a break. We will miss him, but he has assured us when work settles down he’ll come back. Thank you for your selfless dedication to the sanctity of life, Jasper!

To take Jasper’s place as moderator, I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Gerard Nadal! Pro-lifers have loved his comments here for well over a year, and he has agreed to continue doing so in an official capacity while still hosting his own great pro-life blog, Coming Home. A bit feisty like me, Gerard doesn’t let a pro-abort falsehood slip by unanswered, also hopefully giving them pause to reconsider.

The other moderators, affectionately known internally as the Mod Squad, are all special and have filled unique roles here for years.

Bethany has a heart for mothers who have miscarried; Bobby Bambino, who often signs off his comments with the reminder, “God love you,” is sensitive and caring to all; Carla is passionate to help post-abortive mothers; Chris brings no-nonsense common sense to our discussions, while also functioning as our resident statistician and go-to guy when I’m in a panic over site crashes; Laura Loo has really made the Lunch Breaks her own; and Angela, quietly and with no fanfare, fixes my spelling/grammar errors.

This blog could not function without them and Kelli. We’ve become a family over the course of time.

Speaking of family, I’d like to add to it. I’m looking for 1 or 2 pro-lifers skilled in graphics to volunteer their services here from time to time.

Every so often (like right now, actually), I think of something I’d like to do but need a graphic to accompany my plan – nothing fancy, just more professional-looking than I’m equipped to design. If you’d like to help, please email me at jill@jillstanek.com.

Thanks again to all!

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