About the West Coast Walk for Life held last Saturday, January 22, on the anniversary of Roe v Wade, KTVU’s John Sasaki reported:

San Francisco is known for its protests. But this is no anti-war demonstration. This is some 50,000 people fighting against abortion…. Abortion rights supporters were vastly outnumbered but still vocal…. Police confirmed to me this walk for life was the biggest one this city has seen.

The SF Walk for Life goes a little differently than DC’s March for Life. Pro-aborts march right alongside pro-lifers. As KTVU reported, the counter protesters were unsurprisingly “vocal” even though “vastly outnumbered.”

The difference in protesters could be no more starkly demonstrated than by contrasting these 2 photos, posted by ProtestShooter.com

Wholesome vs. creepy, that pretty much sums up the differences.

Here’s video of the parallel marches, again accentuating the differences. WARNING: vulgarity…

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