UPDATE 2/18, 4:16p: ABC World News will include Live Action video footage from the Planned Parenthood Perth Amboy “waist up” clinic as part of its story about the Pence Amendment passing. The show starts at 6:30p EST.

UPDATE 2/18, 4:10p: At present, Abby Johnson is scheduled to appear on O’Reilly at approximately 8:30p EST tonight.

UPDATE 2/18, 4:06: Don’t forget, Glenn Beck is featuring Lila Rose right now.

UPDATE 2/17, 12:13p: Ok, I’ve learned Kline won’t actually appear on The Factor tonight but that Kelley is interviewing him today on background for a segment she’ll be discussing about him with O’Reilly tonight.

2/17, 11:29a: I previously reported Glenn Beck will devote his entire show tomorrow to Live Action’s explosive investigative sting against Planned Parenthood. The show has already been taped, and Lila Rose will appear almost throughout.

In addition, The O’Reilly Factor tonight will feature a segment on embattled former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline. He is being interviewed today by Megyn Kelley, also an attorney.

Annnd, tomorrow night The O’Reilly Factor will feature an interview with our own Abby Johnson about the Live Action sting and what she knows about the inner workings of PP.

These are amazing times.

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