Spin this, Rachel Maddow.

For 8 years, when Phill Kline held office as either KS AG or Johnson Co. DA – and beyond, pro-aborts and the liberal press have hysterically accused him of trying to get the names of pregnant mothers who got illegal late-term abortions in KS.

But in court testimony provided this week by Kline, and documents entered into evidence yesterday by Kline’s lead investigator when AG, Tom Williams,  it was revealed Kline was after the names of child rape victims 14-years-old and younger. Their abortions were never reported to the proper authorities for investigation, as required by KS law.

According to LifeSiteNews.com today, the numbers were staggering:

Evidence entered into the Phill Kline ethics trial Wednesday revealed that state agencies had received reports of 249 abortions on children under the age of 15 years old between 2001-2003, but that abortion providers, who are mandatory reporters, had sent in only 4 reports of child sexual abuse….

That same sworn affidavit showed 166 abortions occurred on children 14 years old and younger between 2002-2003. Kline had testified to that particular number on Tuesday, saying that Comprehensive Health Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri (in Johnson Co.) and George Tiller had each reported only one instance of child sex abuse….

Williams… pointed to the example of a 10-yr-old from California, who received a late-term abortion from… Tiller…. Although Tiller reported the late-term abortion to KDHE [KS Dept. of Health and Education], no report as mandated by law was filed with SRS [Dept. of Social and Rehabilitative Services]….

Now that the evidence was entered in court, Kline can talk about it, which he did today to a reporter ….

Kline further revealed that the apparent cover-up on behalf of the abortion industry extended all the way to the KS Supreme Court and his Democrat AG replacement, Paul Morrison….

No wonder the corrupt politicians, Supreme Court justices, and abortion industry have been fighting so hard to silence Kline. Their cover-up of child rape is incomprehensively vile.

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