I wrote yesterday that the Kansas Supreme Court is stacked with pro-aborts, appointed by radically pro-abort former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, now Obama’s Secretary of DHHS.

In 2006 the Supremes ordered their Disciplinary Administrator, Stanton Hazlett, to investigate Kline on their own complaints of ethics violations.

Hazlett hired Lucky DeFreis, Chair of the Ethics Committee of the Topeka Bar Association, and Mary Beth Mudrick, a Topeka attorney.  Hazlett additionally gave DeFreis the use of 2 investigators.  Hazlett told DeFreis to investigate Phill.

Eighteen months later the team submitted their exhaustive report. Their findings? Click to enlarge…

Now, you’ve undoubtedly never heard that Phill Kline was investigated and cleared of ethics charges. That’s because Hazlett never made that report public. Kline’s lawyers only discovered it in 2010, buried within 30,000 pages of documents they forced Hazlett to make available to them.

I am told this report has been repeatedly sent to John Hanna of the Associated Press, David Klepper of the Kansas City Star and other newspapers in Kansas.  But not one drop of ink has ever been spilled regarding its existence.

The report was dated May 21, 2008, several weeks before the August Republican primary for Johnson Co. District Attorney. Although the Supreme Court let it be publicly known Kline was being investigated, neither it nor Hazlett (pictured right) did not let it be publicly known Kline was cleared. Kansas MSM continued to pound Kline. Kline lost his race to pro-life milquetoast challenger Steve Howe.

Meanwhile, the same Disciplinary Administrator, Stanton Hazlett, is the man now accusing Kline of new ethics violations, including the charge that his “strong personal anti-abortion beliefs interfered with his judgment….”

Touché, Mr. Hazlett.

[Photo via the Kansas Bar Association]

[Also see Jack Cashill’s WND.com piece today on this topic, “Suppressed report saved Planned Parenthood.”]

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