Calls needed to Congress TODAY on two pro-life amendments

UPDATE, 2:25p: From Family Research Council:

Speaker Boehner got even less sleep. According to reports, a crowd of abortion activists swarmed his apartment this morning, chanting him awake. The group said its members “are furious that the House’s continuing resolution would cut off funding for local reproductive health services.”

Although he was escorted to work by Capitol Police, Boehner didn’t seem to mind the disruption. In fact, what he and other members are hoping for is more commotion – from our side. Planned Parenthood is stirring up abortion activists all over the country with a frenzy of alerts. So far, the panic seems to be working. Our friends on the Hill say members’ phones are ringing off the hook with pressure to keep abortion dollars in the budget. Rep. Frank Guinta (R-NH) told us yesterday that his office alone has fielded at least a hundred calls – and none of them were from pro-lifers. Maybe voters are under the assumption that they can take it easy now that conservatives are the House majority.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Your representatives need to hear from you that they’re moving in the right direction – especially today, as 2 hugely important amendments are being offered. At some point this afternoon, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) is following through with Amendment #11, which would block PP from getting a single taxpayer penny under the CR. Another FRC friend, Rep. John Fleming (R-LA), is submitting Amendment #54 to protect health care workers who have moral objections to abortion or birth control by implementing conscience exemptions.

12:33p: Word on the street is pro-aborts are ringing phones off of legislators’ hooks about amendments before Congress to defund Planned Parenthood and protect conscience rights of pro-life medical personnel and hospitals.

It is imperative that pro-lifers also make their calls. We cannot become complacent just because our side controls the House. These calls will not only strengthen the pro-life vote there, they will impact the upcoming Senate vote. Senators are watching to see if pro-lifers will be there if they vote right – or wrong.

Read what Nancy Pelosi said the other day, according to the Washington Post:

Pelosi acknowledged that Dems could not stop Republicans from passing their anti-abortion agenda through the House. But she said it was crucial that pro-choice forces and Dems kick up enough noise to ensure that it dies in the Senate: “We have to make this issue too hot to handle.”

Pelosi added that the unreconcilable philosophical differences between Republicans and Dems on abortion left Dems no choice but to adopt a scorched-earth approach to the war ahead. “We don’t have a set of shared values,” she said. “We have to fight this out in the public domain, so when we move to the Senate it has no popular support.”

This is indeed what the other side is doing as I type.

So pro-lifers, call your Congress members to support 2 pro-life amendments coming up TODAY:

  • Planned Parenthood, Amendment #11 submitted by Rep. Mike Pence (RIN) would prevent any funds made available under the CR from being provided to Planned Parenthood. The amendment states “None of the funds made available by this Act may be made available for any purpose to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. or any of the following affiliates of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.” and lists all Planned Parenthood Affiliates.
  • Conscience Protection, Amendment #54 submitted by Rep. John Fleming (RLA) would prevent any funds made available under the CR from being used to rescind or otherwise alter the conscience protection regulations currently in effect. These regulations implement existing conscience laws and provide an opportunity for individuals who have been discriminated against to file a complaint with the HHS Office of Civil Rights. If the regulations are rescinded it will be more difficult for individuals to seek protection under existing conscience laws.

Call the US Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to your congressperson’s office. If you don’t know who that is, go here to find the name by submitting your zip code. In some cases you’ll need to know your 7-digit zip. Find that here.

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16 thoughts on “Calls needed to Congress TODAY on two pro-life amendments”

  1. “Irreconcilable philosophical differences?”  “A set of shared values?” I would think not, given that the abortionists do not have a philosophy but a “philosophy”, and no values to speak of, but only “values”.
    The problem is opponents of unborn human rights insist on, for psychological reasons, supporting unlimited killing of human beings in the unborn stage.  So they believe our entire lifespans can be taken from us.  This means they must believe we don’t have a right to live our lives and so don’t have any rights at all, since all rights flow from the right to life.
    It follows that there is no need for any laws or government to protect our rights, the ones which don’t exist (just what, then, is Nancy Pelosi doing in Congress?). Since there are no violations of rights or crimes, there really is no right or wrong and nothing really matters.  Any action, even violence, is just a biological event, nothing more.
    So, they do not have any kind of a philosophy of right and wrong and can have no values.  Once abortionists accept unlimited prenatal homicide they destroy the whole foundation of justice and morality and all that is left is nihilism.
    Why they even bother with politics and activism, I cannot imagine.


  2. I called my rep. Afterward I said a prayer of thanks that I am no longer represented by a proabort.


  3. This is what they are saying in the site:
    “But the GOP attacks on women’s health continue—including a bill that would allow hospitals to let a pregnant woman die rather than perform a life-saving abortion.”
    How can I rebut this – because the people at work are saying that we support women dying because doctors don’t want to do “life saving” abortion?

    I know this is a lie.


  4. This is a good reminder that the pro-life people must remain vigilant with phone calls, letters, post cards to our elected representatives. Also to be vigilant with letters and comments to newspapers and to relevant Internet blogs. I have just taken time to send a message of support to Representative Mike Pence of Indiana who is helping to lead the pro-life charge on defunding Planned Parenthood. I should have done this earlier, but consider this time better than letting it slide.


  5. I called this morning. Apparently the vote is scheduled for today, so please call if you haven’t done so, and have friends call as well!


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