His was a remarkable journey – an abortionist who committed 75,000 abortions, reaching the upper echelons of influence in the early days of the pro-abortion movement, going on to convert to pro-life.

He was Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who died this morning at age 84 after a prolonged battle against cancer. National Catholic Register has posted a detailed bio.

As one of the founding members of NARAL, Dr. Nathanson later described the lies he and his fellow abortion proponents devised to push the legalization of abortion. These included fabricating polls saying Americans supported abortion as well as illegal abortion statistics. “The actual figure [of illegal abortions] was approaching 100,000, but the figure we gave to the media repeatedly was 1,000,000,” Nathanson later said.

Perhaps Dr. Nathanson’s greatest contribution to the pro-life movement was his production of the documentary, The Silent Scream. This remarkably powerful film showed a baby gaping his or her mouth in a silent scream of agony while being aborted. Following is that section of the film. Go to 6:40…

I never got to meet Dr. Nathanson but honor him as a very important pro-life figure. May he rest in peace.