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  • The Los Angeles Times reports that unlicensed abortionist Bertha Bugarin could be released early from jail as part of plan to save CA money:

    Also likely to be released early, (Steve Cooley, a D.A. opposed to the plan) said, is Bertha Bugarin, who was sentenced to 3 years in prison after performing abortions with no medical training
  • Dr. Michael New takes on the mainstream media at National Review Online for its support of Planned Parenthood:

    The most recent round of Live Action videos have put the MSM spin machine into overdrive. The most common defense of PP is that it provides a unique and invaluable role in providing contraceptive services to low income women. However, a substantial body of research indicates that few women forgo contraception due to cost or availability.

    Futhermore, as Gerard Nadal points out in his blog Coming Home, the Live Action videos show PP employees encouraging the pimp to seek low cost services from county health departments. By PP’s admission, low income earners have other options – some of which are even more affordable.

    Furthermore, since PP is encouraging low income earners to seek services from government agencies, that raises serious questions about why it is receiving $300 million a year from the federal government to provide services for low income earners.

  • A FL man who killed 3 adults has also been charged with killing an unborn child after an autopsy was performed on Nichole Cervantez, who was 5-6 months pregnant.
  • Here’s a story about a North Dakota boy with cerebral palsy who was treated with his own stem cells in Germany:

    Ethan Radtke’s parents promised him a trip to the FL theme park if he could walk on crutches after having stem cell treatment in Germany in July for his cerebral palsy….The West Fargo boy surprised them, taking his first steps with crutches 3 weeks ago and steadily improving since then.

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