Read Live Action’s press release here.

The angle the other side will pursue, according to a friend of mine who Media Matters interviewed:

1. They want to know what we knew and when we knew it, attempting to demonstrate some sort of conspiracy.  Whatever. The sting was only conducted 3 weeks ago. What the Left is merely seeing is pro-lifers banding together against the ghastly abortion business that is Planned Parenthood.

2. They are focusing on a “deception” angle, as if this is the first investigative journalism done in the history of the world. Bob Woodward anyone? Typical attempt to shoot the messenger.

Rather, Planned Parenthood for a 2nd time has been exposed as a human sex trafficking enabler that has no problem servicing pimps of illegally smuggled and adolescent sex slaves in order to keep the business operation humming. Reciprocation….

Full footage of sting available here.

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