Phill Kline’s crime: “Anti-abortion beliefs”

I mentioned at the bottom of a post yesterday that Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri has 107 open charges of criminal violations against it for illegal late-term abortions. Those charges, 23 of which are felonies, were brought in October 2007 by then Johnson County (KS) DA Phill Kline.

For simply trying to enforce existing KS law against illegal late-term and minor abortions, Kline has been mercilessly dogged by industrial, MSM, political, and judicial pro-aborts – even until now, over 2 years after leaving public office.

Kline is currently in the fight of his professional life as they try to make an example of him. He was the first US prosecutor to bring criminal charges against PP, and they want him to be the last. Next week Kline will be subjected to an ethics hearing for possible disbarment.

The crime? Being too pro-life. Read the disciplinary letter here, but following is the money quote (click to enlarge)…

The letter confirms Kline’s work charges weren’t without merit, in paragraph 2, stating, “We are not contending that Mr. Kline didn’t have legitimate matters to investigate….” And as I said, the case against PP as well as  an associate of George Tiller’s are still open.

Nevertheless, an “anti-abortion” prosecutor is demonstrating “conduct which is prejudicial” and a “conflict[] of interest” if attempting to uphold anti-abortion laws.

To be fair, doesn’t this mean pro-abortion prosecutors or judges must also recuse themselves from upholding pro-abortion laws? Or pursuing pro-lifers for any reason whatsoever? How could they without giving the appearance of prejudicial conduct and conflict of interest? Otherwise, carrying pro-life convictions would preclude one from pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Furthermore, I don’t know many prosecutors who are for murder but are prosecuting it, or for rape but are prosecuting it. Ridiculous.

Please consider donating to Kline’s legal defense to combat the political lynching being attempted against him, which has already cost over $100,000.

17 thoughts on “Phill Kline’s crime: “Anti-abortion beliefs””

  1. Heh. Learned something new today about pro-aborts.
    Pro-life attorneys are not allowed to be attorneys because they defend the laws that regulate abortion clinics. This complaint makes it obvious that pro-aborts are demanding more pro-abort lawyers so as to allow abortionists to break existing state laws?


  2. We need to do something right now about all those anti-murder and anti-rape DA’s who are trying to enforce murder and rape laws.  This is a terrible conflict and affects their judgment.
    Only people who are “pro-choice” on murder and rape should be allowed to be prosecutors.
    I have to say with this case, the abortionists are breaking new ground in the area of irrationality and absurdity.


  3. Thank you Lord that you still give strength to the weary. And just like David slew Goliath we ask that the Goliaths of the killing industry would be slain not physically but that there nonsensical arguments would be just that and that instead of babies being put to rest may there arguments be put to rest. And Lord you know it’s not a good day when people get punished for doing what is right. When brave people are afraid to defend babies and the ignorant triumph. Have mercy Lord upon our land and let Americans hear the voices of the unborn. May there hearts and minds be stirred. Stirred to the point where instead of us being tired the enemies of life might be tired and when it gets to that point help us to be kind and extend to them the help they refused to extend to babies Lord that abode in their mothers womb. And Lord if you see fit to uncover some of that discrimination thats being practiced against pro-lifers that would be nice too.


  4. So, the prosecutors who believe in women’s rights should recuse themselves from prosecuting those accused of discrimination against women?


  5. How safe are our rights and how legitimate is our government when an entity like the Bar Association can demand prosecutors selectively enforce laws or face disbarment?


  6. There is no rational defense of abortion, the selective killing of innocent human beings, so they resort to force – disbarment.  No surprise here – it’s the only thing the prince of this world and his prisoners know how to do.


  7. Actually, this argument, followed to its logical conclusion, threatens the entire justice system entirely.
    Anyone who opposes any criminality, according to this argument, may be subject to interference with their judgment in prosecuting criminal trials.  No lawyer, on any level, could support or oppose anything.
    If this argument is upheld, the entire legal system must either be replaced with a computer, or abolished altogether.


  8. When they can’t stop the people from electing pro life legislators, they try to strike down the legislation in the courts. When they can’t do that, they focus on punishing individual prosecutors who try to enforce the law.
    May we be as persistent.


  9. I know prosecutors who think marijuana should be legalized and prosecute marijuana possession anyway, because it’s their job. Defense lawyers frequently help their client enter a plea of not guilty when the client is clearly guilty. As long as they’re acting within the parameters of the law, what an attorney privately thinks about an issue is irrelevent.


  10. And were there no judges present at any of these proceedings?
    Were there no motions or appeals based on procedural grounds?
    Were there defense attorney’s involved?
    Is there no Court of Appeals or Supreme Court in Kansas?
    Or did Kline hold a kangaroo court?
    This indictment of Kline is an indictment of the competence of every judge and defense attorney involved, as they had the responsibility to shut down such allegedly egregious prosecutorial misconduct.


  11. I will pray for him.
    But this might be a suffering he has to undergo.
    Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Matthew 5:10-12)


  12. Marauder
    If he isn’t breaking any laws and they are targeting him, aren’t they breaking the law?
    I think there so use to pro-lifers being compliant and dancing to their idiotic dance that he probably surprised them with his noncompliance. I’m hoping if they are breaking the law by targeting him that they’ll be held accountable for there actions and people will have the sense to appreciate someone who is just doing his job.

    I think he should feel blessed and then if he has any legal ground to stand on should see to it that there held accountable for every single law there breaking by harrassing him. And from now on when they expect any type of mercy someone needs to explain gently to them that there grown folk and babies come before grown folk especially grown folk who have so very little regard for unborn babies that can’t defend themselves. I believe in scripture but scripture shows us that God expects us to do what we can, when we can, to see that justice prevails. What do you think?


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